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Matthew Rhys. Matthew Rhys Evans (born 8 November 1974), known professionally as Matthew Rhys (ris), is a Welsh actor. He is known for his Emmynominated role as Philip Jennings on the FX drama series The Americans. He also starred as KevinRhys (singer) Rhys Clarstedt (born 27 October 1997), better known as simply Rhys, is a SwedishAmerican singer and songwriter. Her singles Swallow Your Pride and Last Dance became hits in Sweden. Rhys moved to Stockholm, Sweden from Portland, Oregon at rhys name wiki

Rhys is one of the two playable protagonist of Tales from the Borderlands. Before the events of the game Rhys was a hard working Hyperion business man whose goal was (and still is) to

Rhys is a former death deity; Cromm Cruach, Crimson Claw. He lost much of what he was during the weirdings that took away many of the sidhe's more dangerous magics, enabling the fey to How can the answer be improved?rhys name wiki Rhys (Ian Somerhalder) Name: Rhys Age: 26 Race: Human Class: Rogue Alignment: Neutral Rhys with a Raven (Vampire Diary's fan art) Description: Sauve, scruffy, with bold blue eyes. Just like his younger halfsister, Rivanni, Rhys uses his charismatic charm and sharp wit to get through life. He is a member of the Night Masks.

Rhys or Rhs is a popular Welsh given name (usually male), which is famous in Welsh history and which is also used as a surname. It is pronounced [rs in North Wales, [ris in South Wales, and ris in English. Anglicised forms of the name include Rees, Reese and Reece. 1 Given name 1. 1 Welsh history. rhys name wiki

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