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Read our collection of user guides and manuals for Panasonic Phones! Model No. KXDT321. Model No. KXDT333 KXDT343 KXDT346. Model No. KXNT321. Model No. KXNT343 346 366 Quick Reference Guide Name Phone Email Message. Over 15 years experience Certified Telephone System TechniciansChanging Screen Contrast. Must be one while not in a call. Press the Program button. dial 01, then hit the Auto Dial button. Press Up or Down on the arrow buttons to increase or decrease the contrast. Once you have it how you like it, press the Auto Dial button again, then the Program button again. panasonic kx dt321 change name

Cant' change DateTime on my Panasonic KXDT321 phone and the GuideBook is very poor. It's unlikely that the 321 is connected to extension 101 so there's not much you can do about the time from it. Go to the 343 or 363 phone at ext 101 and press PROG and dial 1234 000. It's the time set command.

with KXNT303). 3. Plug the flat cable into the connector ( A), then bend the cable slightly as shown (B). 4. Close the cover. CAUTION: To prevent damage to the telephone, be sure to unplug the extension line before you set up or remove the KXDT301 (USB Module) or the KXNT303 (Addon 12 Key Module). Panasonic KXDT521 Telephone Quick Reference Guide. Incoming Call Log or Outgoing Call Log Retrieve a Parked Call. Answer a Call. Pick up the handset and press the line button of the incoming call To turn on Auto Answer, press the AUTO ANS button and incoming calls will be answered automatically in hands free kx dt321 change name Jun 20, 2013 How to change display name for Panasonic phone systems: Panasonic TDE100, TDE200, TDE600, TDA100, TDA200 Phones: KXNT343, KXNT346, KX Skip navigation Sign in

Model No. KXDT321 Thank you for purchasing a Digital Proprietary Telephone (DPT). Quick Reference Guide authorized Panasonic factory service center. If the known working telephone does not operate properly, check the PBX and the internal extension wiring. panasonic kx dt321 change name How to change extension names: If you wish to change an extension name on your system, go to the Administrators phone, usually the large display phone. Press the PROGRAMME key and dial 1234. Panasonic User Guide (Panasonic KXDT 321 Series Phones) Page 2 of 5 (this allows you to change your greetings, Password, Name, etc) Login to your mailbox (see above) Press 3 to enter Mailbox Management Next step: Press 1 to change Personal Greetings. Important InformationWhen using a KXDT321 DPT, keep the following conditions in mind. If you are having problems making calls, unplug the extension line and connect a known working telephone. If the known working telephone operates properly, have the defective telephone repaired by an authorised Panasonic factory service centre. Jan 03, 2013 How to Change Name on Panasonic KXDT Series Phones Panasonic KXDT321 How to Program a Line Key Duration: Change The Time On A Panasonic KXTDA Or KXNCP Telephone System Duration:

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