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Leopoldi Stingray Potamotrygon Leopoldi. Common name: Leopoldi Stingray, Polka Dot Stingray, Black Diamond, P13, P14, P62. Scientific name: Potamotrygon leopoldi. Average Adult Fish Size: 24 inches 60 cm. Theyre active fish with a high metabolic rate and as such will need feeding at least twice a day. Theyre also notoriously bigThe scientific name of a stingray is Dasyatis pastinica. Hope this helped! . Go. Their tails have stingers, and they belong to a family of fish known as the rays. Manta rays are close relatives of stingrays, for example. Share to: What is stingrays scientific name? scientific name of stingray fish

The stingray is a flat marine fish found in warmer waters around the globe. The stingray belongs to the same group of fish as other ray and are also believed to be closely related to sharks. The stingray inhabits the warmer tropical waters around the world

COMMON AND SCIENTIFIC NAMES OF FISHES, CRUSTACEANS AND MOLLUSKS. The following list has been compiled to indicate as clearly as possible the definite scientific name assignable to each of the common names used in this publication. The broad stingrays diamondshaped body and undulating, or rippling, of both fins give it its Hawaiian name, lupe, which translates to kite. The scientific species name, lata, comes from the Latin word forscientific name of stingray fish To name a particular stingray you now have to decide which Genus it is that you want and then get yourself a list of species that belong to the Genus. To get the name of a particular species you

Appealing and beautiful, the Blue Spot Stingray is a favorite addition to aggressive aquariums. Blue Dot Stingrays, unfortunately, frequently have a very short lifespan in captivity as most are purchased by people that are unwilling to take the extra time required to teach this animal to accept a captive diet. scientific name of stingray fish From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article is about the fish. For other uses, see Stingray (disambiguation). Stingrays Temporal range: Early CretaceousRecent Common stingray (Dasyatis pastinaca) Scientific classification Kingdom: Animalia Answers. com Categories Animal Life Fish Saltwater Fish Rays What is the scientific name for the stingray? What is the scientific name for the stingray? SAVE CANCEL. already exists. Would you like to merge this question into it? MERGE CANCEL. already exists as an alternate of this question. skates, rays, and chimaeras. The class is one of the two great groups of living fishes, the other being the osteichthians, or bony fishes. The name Selachii is also sometimes used for The common stingray (Dasyatis pastinaca) An old common name for this species, The first formal scientific description of the common stingray, as Raja pastinaca, was authored by the father of taxonomy Carl Linnaeus in the 1758 tenth edition of Systema Naturae.

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