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In this example, SCHEMA causes DB2 to interpret any reference in SAS to mydb. employee as scott. employee. libname mydb db2 SCHEMASCOTT; To access an Oracle object in another schema, use the SCHEMA option, as in this example.provides connection information and control how SAS manages the timing and concurrence of the connection to the DBMS. When you use the LIBNAME statement, you can connect to DB2 several ways. sas db2 libname example

This section describes the LIBNAME statement that SASACCESS Interface to DB2 under zOS supports. LIBNAME Option for Relational DatabasesFor general information about this feature, see LIBNAME Statement for Relational Databases. librefspecifies any SAS name that serves as an alias to associate SAS with a database, schema, server, or group of tables and views. db2specifies the

When the SASACCESS LIBNAME statement makes one connection to the DBMS. All tables that are opened for reading by this LIBNAME or libref share this connection. A separate connection is established for each table that is opened for update or output. one SAS session can access multiple database servers. SAS and DB2 run on many different platforms, and the platforms need not be the same for them to interact. For example, your DB2 data warehouse might be running on AIX, and your SAS session on Windows. The test environment used for examples in this paper had SAS and DB2 running on the samesas db2 libname example This section describes the LIBNAME statement that SASACCESS Interface to DB2 under UNIX and PC Hosts supports and includes an example. For details about this feature, see Overview of the LIBNAME Statement for Relational Databases. . Here is the LIBNAME statement syntax for accessing DB2 under UNIX and PC Hosts.

are options that apply to the objects in a DBMS, such as its tables or indexes. For example, the READLOCKTYPE option enables you to set a table lock on an operation. In this example, the libref MYLIB uses the DB2 engine to connect to the DB2 database that is specified by the SSID option with a connection to sas db2 libname example To disassociate a libref from a SAS library, use a LIBNAME statement by specifying the libref and the CLEAR option. You can clear a single, specified libref or all current librefs. you also concatenate the SAS catalogs that have the same name. For example, if three SAS libraries each contain a catalog named CATALOG1, then when you Please a complete syntax example will be highly appreciated. Any comment, suggestion and connection example will be golden. I thank you all in advance. You did commented on another way to connect to DB2 from SAS viz by way of LIBNAME statement. The exmple you showed is something like this: Connecting SAS to a DB2 database via ODBC without tears 5. By Roberto Melndez on SAS Users November 16, 2017 Topics not use the libdb2o. so driver because my customer was using it and at the final step even though we were able to run a LIBNAME statement successfully, there were no tables at all. After digging into his files, I noticed we In the following LIBNAME statement example, the SCHEMA option causes any reference in SAS to mydb. employee to be interpreted by DB2 as scott. employee. libname mydb db2 SCHEMAscott; SCHEMA may also be specified with the OWNER alias.

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