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2019-08-21 06:46

Replace GetModuleFileName with GetBinaryLocation (fix# 2297)# 3221 Merged chakrabot merged 1 commit into Microsoft: master from xiaoyinl: Nov 16, 2017GetModuleFileName, Without Filename! As I know, GetModuleFileName can get the full path to the EXE file. But how can I get the full path without the filename? Please show the full source code. I am working on a VC 6 program. Thanks. Raymond. Status getmodulefilename no path

How can I calculate the complete buffer size for GetModuleFileName? Implement some reasonable strategy for growing the buffer like start with MAXPATH, then make each successive size 1, 5 times (or 2 times for less iterations) bigger then the previous one. there's no reason to call GetModuleFileName twice I honestly think you should

Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed answers to any questions you might have Meta Discuss the workings and policies of this site Because GetModuleFileName is a macro definition for GetModuleFileNameW if UNICODE is defined and which requires wchart. If no UNICODE is defined then GetModuleFileName resolves to simple fix for you is to use explicitly GetModuleFileNameA which accepts char. This code compiles fine with code: : blocks and dev c but in vs it doesn'tgetmodulefilename no path Dec 30, 2008 Long story made short, I felt the need for my program to be able to identify it's executable location. I stumbled across this function: GetModuleFileName ( NULL, szEXEPath, 2048 ); and from what I read was under the impression that this returned the full path of the executable.

i used GetModuleFileName and GetModuleBaseName functions to return the path(directory) for the folder the project is in and the icon as well like this: void CForm1 getmodulefilename no path Hi All, Please check this code and suggest why it is not getting the full path name. Path is getting like this: Nov 30, 2006 If you call ) from within a DLL, you will get the path and filename of the toplevel EXE file that ultimately loaded your DLL, not the filename of the DLL itself. One way to do get the module handle is to either (1) add your own DllMain() implementation or (2) modify the existing one to save the module handle as a global variable: Aug 01, 2013 GetModuleFileName to get executable. bluemonte. I am working on linux, but this is crossplatform application and i never worked with windows API, so i have little problem with this. If this is the directory you want, then after you have got the full module path using GetModuleFileName you can then use either: 1. std: : string functions (as So, right approach is modification the path in (OutDir) (one simple approach is to through all output from different projects in one directory on some outer directory level, and the path should be relative to the project file location; otherwise the solution would be rendered nonmovable).

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