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2019-10-22 03:06

The pediatric speculum is a shorter speculum that can be used in patients who have never had sexual intercourse and, as a result, have very narrow vaginal canals. Despite its name, the pediatric speculum is generally not used to conduct pediatric vaginal examinations.Speculum (medical) Vaginal use. The bestknown speculum is the bivalved vaginal speculum; Rectal use. Vaginal specula are also used for anal surgery, although several other forms Nasal use. Nasal specula have two relatively flat blades with handle. Aural use. Ear specula are funnelshaped. rectal speculum names

When rectal specula are used for a rectum exam, it usually takes place in the doctors office. The patient is required to take off his clothes and lie in a position by which the doctor can easily access the anus. Before the rectal specula are inserted, the instrument is lubricated in order to ensure comfort.

How can the answer be improved? Bivalve speculum (Cuscos speculum) The twobladed, or bivalve, speculum is the most common type of instrument gynecologists use to examine the vagina and cervix.rectal speculum names Feb 27, 2019 A rectal speculum is a device that is inserted into the anus to keep the anus open for diagnostic viewing of the rectum or for anal surgery. The rectum is the last eight inches (20. 3 cm) of the large intestine that culminates in an orifice called the anus.

Specialized in anal speculums to suit your unique needs including sims rectal speculum 312in blade, hirschman anoscope small, hirschman anoscope medium, hirschman anoscope large and fansler speculum etc. products available at reduced prices and many with free shipping. rectal speculum names The rectal speculum helps the hydrotherapist irrigate your colon. During the procedure, the rectal speculum is inserted along with a small hose for gently irrigating warm, purified water back and forth in the colon for washing out toxins. Manufacturer Name Miltex (11) Sklar (3) V. Mueller (1) Illumination Without Illumination (2) Material Chrome (1) Stainless Steel (10) Style BarrShuford (1) Rectal Speculum Pratt 812 Inch Long Blades: 312 Inch Long X 1 Inch Wide at Distal End. Log in for pricing and availability. Rectal Speculum with Set Screw 312 Blades (View Details) Add to Quote. Sims Rectal Speculum. Product Number: . Rectal Speculum, with Set Screw, Fenestrated (View Details) Add to Quote. Pratt Rectal Speculum. Product Number: . Pratt Rectal Speculum with Set Screw Nov 17, 2011 It is known as a Mathieu Rectal Speculum. They are widely available on eBay and most medical toy dealers. To clear up some of the misinformation that has been posted in this thread, the blades are approx. 3 12 long and maximum dilation is approx. 2 12 .

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