How to change author name in excel 2019

2019-08-25 02:35

Sunlim noted that when Office is installed, the user specifies their name. This name can be accessed in some Office programs, such as in Word. Sunlim wonders how he can access the user's name in Excel and place that name in a cell. The way to do this is to implement a short, oneline macro that accesses the UserName property of the ApplicationTo change the default author name in Excel, follow the below procedure: Open Excel. Click on the File menu Excel Options. Go to the General section. Scroll to Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office. Clear the User name field and enter a new author name! Click on OK to save your new settings. how to change author name in excel 2019

If it only requires adding other authors for current workbook, you can finish it with following steps: 1. Click the File Info. 2. Go to Related People section in the right side, there is a box under the first author name, you can add new author in the box.

Oct 06, 2008 I want to change the author of an Excel spreadsheet from my home computer user name to my company computer user name. Thanks for your response. For a more professional appearance, you should change the default author name so that Excel uses your business name as the owner. 1. Open Excel, click File and then to change author name in excel 2019 Mar 17, 2003 automatically change author name I'm looking for a way to track the misc. excel files that are posted on our server. I figure if I can make a macro that automatically puts in the authors name I can track them with that.

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