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2019-09-22 21:35

National Weather Service Forecast Office Upton, NY. Summary: Hurricane Sandy was the 18th named tropical cyclone of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season (June 1 November 30). Sandy formed in the central Caribbean on October 22nd and intensified into a hurricane as it tracked north across Jamaica, eastern Cuba and the Bahamas.How can the answer be improved? hurricane sandy who named it

First things first. We all must understand that hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones are all the same, just different names for tropical storms in different parts of the world; Hurricane in the Atlantic, Typhoon in the Pacific and Cyclone in the Indian Ocean.

Hurricane Fran: Satellite image of a hurricane named Fran. . Hurricane Fran was a large, powerful, destructive hurricane that made landfall near Cape Fear, North Carolina on September 5, 1996. Fran was the sixth named storm of the 1996 hurricane season. It was so destructive that the name Fran was retired from use. Satellite image by NASA. As it turns out, Sandy was just meant to be literally. Hurricane names are chosen from a giant list selected by the World Meteorological Organization, according to NASA.hurricane sandy who named it Oct 29, 2012 The names are set out on a world wide printed list. The next name available was Sandy and has been pointed out, Jerome has already been used. The typhoon in the Pacific is name SonTinh so there goes any discrimination.

The storm threatening to wreak havoc on the Atlantic coast began to form on October 19 in the Caribbean Sea and in October 22 forecasters labeled it a Tropical Storm and named it Sandy. hurricane sandy who named it Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey on October 29, 2012. It did 70. 2 billion in economic damage. This figure has been adjusted for inflation. It was the fourthworst Hurricane Sandy was a hurricane that impacted Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti, the Bhamas and the Eastern United States in October 2012. It wasparticuarly destrutive in the United States where damaged Origin of storm. It quickly developed, becoming a tropical depression and then a tropical storm in just six hours. Tropical Storm Sandy was the 18th named storm of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season. It was upgraded to a hurricane on Oct. 24 when its maximum sustained winds reached 74 mph (119 kph).

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