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According to the Ramayana, Rama is the seventh avatar of Vishnu while Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatrughna are considered as partincarnations of Sheshanaga,Jun 24, 2009 Answers. The names of wives of Bharata, Laxmana and Shatrugun of Ramayana were Mandavi Bharat's wife and King Janak's daughter Urmila Laxman's wife; daughter of King Janak and sister of Sita Shrutkirti Shatrughna's wife and King Janak's daughter. ramayan shatrughan wife name

Ram in Ramayana. One of the gods had to take on a human form in order to be able to defeat Ravana. Ram was born as the first son of Dasharatha, king of Ayodhya. Ram's mother was Kausilya. Ram had three brothers: Bharata (Bharat) born from the second wife Kaikeyi, and Lakshmana (Lakshman) and Shatrughna born from the third wife Sumitra.

Jun 27, 2008 Answers. The wife of Lakshmana is Urmilai and wife of Bharathan in Maandavi and wife of Shatrugana is Sruthikeerthi. I am not familiar with their children. Aug 26, 2005  DOTW Urmila Mandavi Shrutkirti Story. In this temple idols of four brothers Ram, Laxman, Bharat, Shatrughan alongwith their wives Sita, Urmila, Mandavi, Shrutkirti is established. It is believed that after being married with Ram, Sita ji cookedramayan shatrughan wife name How can the answer be improved?

Feb 17, 2016  Laxman was married to Urmila Devi at the same time when Sri Rama was married to Sri Sita Devi. During the time of exile, Laxman requested Urmila Devi to stay back in Ayodhya. He wanted to serve His dear brother and sisterinlaw, and hence wanted to ramayan shatrughan wife name Wives for Bharata and Shatrughna Summary Vishvamitra proposes the marriages of Bharata ad Shatrughna with the two daughters of Kushadhvaja, the younger brother of Janaka. Birth and family. Shatrughna's twin brother was Lakshmana. Shatrughna was married to Shrutakirti, daughter of Kushadhwaja, Janaka 's younger brother. Thus, Shrutakirti was Sita 's cousin. They had two sons Shatrughati and Subahu. He is supposed to be the reincarnation of Vishnu's sacred disk. Shrutika Shruta Keerthi is the wife of Shatrughna, and Maandavi is the name of Bharatha's wife. Both are daughters of King Janak's brother King Kusha Dhwaja. What are the name of Laxman's son in Ramayana? Who are the sons of the lava kids in Ramayana? Quora User, studied at G. N. E. S. Answered Jun 3, 2018. Shatrughn and his wife Shrutakirti had 2 sons Shatrughati Subahu. They ruled Vidisha and Mathura. 380 Views View 2 What was Shatrughan contribution in the Ramayana apart from being

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