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2019-08-23 14:22

I'm running Semantic Mediawiki version 1. 8 (in a version Mediawiki). Semantic Mediawiki does not show page properties in custom namespace. Ask Question. (0. 7), Semantic Internal Objects ( ). My goal is generating a training overview in a custom namespace 'Training' by querying pages with category 'Training' (which areFeb 05, 2019 Extension default namespaces. From MediaWiki. org. Namespaces using numbers from 3000 and higher are meant to be used by system administrators to define their custom namespaces. Thus extension developers should not use this range. Contents. 1 Semantic MediaWiki. Semantic MediaWiki; ID Name Constant Remark 102 Property: SMWNS semantic mediawiki custom namespaces

Help: Custom namespaces. From Jump to: navigation, search. To enable annotations (usage of semantic properties) for custom namespaces, please have a look at the following resources: Missing data on custom namespaces troubleshooting on missing semantic data on a custom namespace

Recently I've installed SemanticBudnle extension and I encouterded some problems with enabling semantic links in custom namespaces. According to help pages I should add I think adding it in LocalSettings. php would work too, as long as you add it after all the Semantic BundleSMW inclusions. Or Starting with Semantic MediaWiki Released on 14 March 2017 and compatible with MW 1. 29. x. the namespaces Property and Concept are automatically added to the following two configuration parameters which are provided by MediaWiki itself. 5semantic mediawiki custom namespaces Note that the namespaces provided by Semantic MediaWiki with the exception of the smwschema namespace may still be annotated. Changing the default setting. To add a custom namespace

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