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Jun 18, 2009 Haha okayy, I know a lotta girls give these code names to everyone, but especially boyys. They do it so those chicos will never find out when we are talking about them hahaa.This article includes a list of more than 300 code names to consider for your project. In fact, one column includes code names grouped by a particular theme (can you figure out the theme for the last group in the list? ) and another column just lists a bunch of cool words and phrases to consider for code names. code names for boys

Create your own codename, codeword, cryptonym or project name to protect your secret projects using the codename generatorcodename, codeword, cryptonym or project name to protect your secret projects using the codename generator

Toys& Games Deals STEM Toys Preschool Toys Boys' Toys Girls' Toys Best Sellers New Releases Kids' Birthdays Movie& TV Toys Toys& Games Games Board Games Codenames is a social word game with a simple premise and challenging game play. The 15 Funniest Secret Service Code Names. BY Erika Berlin. Because, per Secret Service rules, immediate family members need code names that begin with the same first letter, Meghan wound upcode names for boys Good code names. Using code names is a good idea because they are is much easier to remember, than a long describing project title. Also those formal project titles tend to be a little boring. When working on internal projects you can go for more funny code names.

INDEX OF OPERATIONAL AND CODE NAMES. ABDA World War II acronym for the 1942 cooperative defense of the Pacific and Indian Ocean theater. ABERDEEN World War II code name for Chindit stronghold near Manhton, Burma. ABILENE Gulf War VII Corps phase line. code names for boys Popular Boys Names Popular Girls Names Racehorse Names Street Names Surname Meanings Top 100 Baby Names Some cool nicknames are screen names that people use online when participating on blogs or message boards. Latte or Fugly Bitch can be found around almost any corner of code. Nicknames can also be cute. These cute nicknames may The code names for Pachycephalosaurus and Parasaurolophus are Friar Tuck and Elvis in The Lost World: Jurassic Park. (Although Roland only uses them because he can't pronounce their real names. ) A fan theory about the James Bond films is that the name James Bond is an alias passed down from one agent to the next. Nov 08, 2011 A List of Awesome and Cool Nicknames for Guys and Girls. Updated on November 21, 2018. danthemans lm. more. a day or two and then slowly whittle that list down. Don't be afraid to add to that list, even after you start crossing names out. 1001 Cool Nicknames for Guys and Girls. by Tatiana 53. Friendship. 101 Funny Nicknames for Guys Project code name. A project code name is a code name (usually a single word, short phrase or acronym) which is given to a project being developed by industry, academia, government, and other concerns. Project code names are typically used for several reasons: To

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