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Feb 13, 2008 home topics db2 database questions how to get databases name in db2 (list) Databases name aliases in DB2 using Java? I am using windows XP DB2 v. 445 I'd found that in DB2 the information about databases is stored in Instances or nodes so, i'm still struggling to get thisHow can the answer be improved? node name in db2

select substr(name, 1, 20) as name, substr(value, 1, 20) as value, as datatype from where dbpartitionnum0

db2 catalog tcpip node remote server In this command, is the node name for the database, such as CATODBC for the SLM Database, or DMODBC for the SLM Measurement Data Mart, and is the fully qualified machine name of the system where the database is located, for example, After this command completes CATALOG TCPIP NODE nodename REMOTE ipaddress SERVER portnumber. where: nodename is the name of the node on the remote host. ipaddress is either the IP address or name of the host on which the remote node is running. portnumber is the port on which the remote node is listening for client connections. Verify that the node has been cataloged by issuing the list node directory commandnode name in db2 The db2nodes. cfg file is used to define the database partition servers that participate in a Db2 instance. The db2nodes. cfg file is also used to specify the IP address or host name of a highspeed interconnect, if you want to use a highspeed interconnect for database partition server communication.

If you did not recatalog your nodes using the original node names, recatalog your databases using the new node name by issuing the CATALOG DATABASE command. db2 CATALOG DATABASE dbname [AS aliasdbname AT NODE newnode node name in db2 When connecting to a remote database, the following error may occur: SQL1097N The node name was not found in the node directory. IBM Connecting to a remote DB2 database fails with SQL1027N node Jul 14, 2006 refers to nodes and aliases like they are bread and water. Chris. A node is equivalent to a DB2 instance. One DB2 Instance can have multiple databases. A DB2 server can also have multiple instances created. The node name used internally on the server (NODE000) is different than a node that you catalog remotely, although they both refer to an instance. On Node name The name of the remote node. This corresponds to the name entered for the nodename parameter when the node was cataloged. Comment A comment associated with the node, entered when the node was cataloged. To change a comment in the node directory, uncatalog the node, and then catalog it again with the new comment. Directory entry type

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