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Bosnian Baby Names. BabyNamesCube. com has compiled a comprehensive list of the Bosnian names of boys and girls with Bosnian names meanings. Aaron Shining Light, Abdullah Servent Of Alla Adam Prophet, Warri Adem To Be Red, To M AidenJan 16, 2008 Ignore the racist comment of wht is diz. Bosnian Muslim names are spelled somewhat differently than standard English spelling of Muslim names. bosnian names muslim

We have a relatively big database of Bosnian girl names here. Choose the letter you want above and find out the meanings and origins of hundreds of names used in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Some of the letters may look weird to you, some of the letters are double, but that is the Bosnian alphabet.

Bosniaks. As of 2017 Bosniaks are also recognised as a national minority in Albania. English speakers frequently refer to Bosniaks as Bosnian Muslims or simply as Bosnians, though the latter term can also denote all inhabitants of Bosnia and Herzegovina (regardless of Bosnian Submitted Surnames. This surname is used at: Sarajevo, Mostar, Dubrovnik, Novi Pazar. Variant of Ekmeki. Means son of Ferhat . It is assumed that Gado derives from the oldIndian grhya ( domestic ) and means farmer, villager, head of the housebosnian names muslim How can the answer be improved?

Bosnian Surnames. Bosnian names are used by the Bosniak people. For additional names, see SerboCroatian names, Arabic names and Turkish names. Means son of . Means son of a snake from the Bosnian word guja meaning snake . Means son of IBRAHIM . Perhaps means son of JOSIP . Derived from the Old Slavic term kazac to order, command , bosnian names muslim Bosnian Names. Bosnian diminutive of IBRAHIM. Bosnian form of IZZ ALDIN. Bosnian and Indonesian form of YUSUF. Bosnian form of LAMIA. Bosnian form of. Older form of MEHMET, as well as the Bosnian form. This was the name of six sultans of the Ottoman Empire, including Mehmed II the conqueror of Constantinople. Bosnian Submitted Names. From Latin admiror, meaning to admire, wonder Feminine form of Adnan. Estonian variant of Aadu and Bosnian diminutive of Adnan. Bosnian female name, meaning fast swift Bosnian male name from Athanasius via Afanasiy. Number 71 in Most Bosnian names originate from the Arabic, Turkish and Persian languages because of Islam in Bosnia. However, not all Bosnians are Muslims and not all names in Bosnia are oriental. Some names come from Slavic mythology and Slavic languages. Bosnian name generator This name generator will give you 10 random Bosnian names and surnames. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country in Southeast Europe with a

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