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Information and government sites for topics on changing your business name, ownership, address, telephone number, closing your business accounts, and more. Changes to your business and Canada Revenue Agency program accounts. Change of business operating name: Change of business activity: Change of owners, partners, or directors:Example 2. The corporation's name is Canada Inc. , and the business advertises as ABC Properties. In this case, the legal business name is Canada Inc. and the operating name is ABC Properties. If the operating name changes to ABC Management Properties, that is considered an operating name change and you must notify us. government of ontario business name change

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Notice of a name change is published in The Ontario Gazette. The Ontario Gazette is the Government of Ontarios official publication which can be searched online. Generally, notice of a name change is published in The Ontario Gazette, however, there are exceptions specified in the Change of Name Act. Reasons to change your businesss name. To change the name of the corporation to a new name or to its original numbered corporation. For Example: From Smiths Holdings Inc. to Bobbys Restaurant Ltd. From Smiths Holdings Inc. to Ontario Inc. From Canada Ltd. to Bobbys Restaurant Ltd. To change the structure of the corporation. For example:government of ontario business name change Contact us: Register a business name or a limited partnership. There are many ways to contact us.

Register your business. You can register or renew your business name, get a Master Business License and, if eligible, apply for additional accounts with different government bodies. To register for federal programs (e. g. HST, payroll deductions, corporate income tax and importexport program), please visit Canada Revenue Agency's Business Registration Online. government of ontario business name change This site has been developed to provide you with Ontario Government forms. The forms are available in various formats including HTML, PDF and Word. Forms on this site may be viewed, filledin on screen, printed and sent by regular mail. An Ontario Corporation can change its name by filing Articles of Amendment along with an Ontario NUANS Name Reservation Report for the new name. NonIncorporated Businesses (Sole Proprietorships, General Partnership, and Operating Names), unfortunately, cannot directly change their business name on the registration. Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, Government of Ontario Applies only to: Ontario. If you are using a business name that differs from your full name or from your corporate name, you need to register that business name. Business name registration applies to: Sole proprietorships. Partnerships. Corporation trade names.

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