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The question is what's the name of the song that goes Hey hey hey what's goin on It's a bit funny that Quora keeps asking a question that has been answered correctly already. However It is one of the great songs of the 90s.Dec 09, 2005 Best Answer: OutKast Hey ya! Hey ya! is a song released by OutKast in 2003 but it was actually written by Andr 3000 only, Andr 3000 being one half of the OutKast duo (the other one is named Big Boi). The song is taken from his half of the double album OutKast put out (each member contributed one hey ya album name

Apr 13, 2014 Can you name the lyrics to the song 'Hey Ya! ' by OutKast? Test your knowledge on this music quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others. OutKast's 'Hey Ya! '

Hey Ya is from Outkast's latest doublealbum The Love BelowSpeakerboxxx . This features Andre 3000 singing rather than the rapping that made him famous. His wonderful singing stays a step above Prince. He also performs all his own instruments beautifully. Hey Ya! is the first single from Andr 3000s half of OutKasts SpeakerboxxxThe Love Below double album. Andr said the following about the concept of this genrebending song: Heyhey ya album name Hey Ya! Hey Ya! is a song written and produced by Andr 3000. Along with The Way You Move , recorded by OutKast's other member Big Boi, Hey Ya! was released by LaFace Records as one of the album's two lead singles. The track became a commercial success, reaching the top five of most of the charts it entered,

Ya Hey has a distinct religious tone. The searcher narrative may allude to some personal testimonies from the band members on the press junket promoting this album. hey ya album name Feb 10, 2010  Hey Ya! is a song that describes a problematic relationship over an upbeat melody Andr 3000 then uses a deceptive cadence after a 24 measure of the Outkast is a rap duo who go by the names Big Boi and Andre 3000. In 2003, they made a double album, with each member contributing half. Big Boi's album was called Speakerboxxx while Andre's was The Love Below. Hey Ya was Andre's song, and the first single from the album. Sep 12, 2013  OR the Vampire Weekend song (which Andr told us he has yet to hear) that flips the name to Ya Hey. Hey Ya! made Rolling Stone's list of Jun 12, 2014 Watch the peppy video starring the stunning Minissha Lamba. This video is sure to make you groove with her. Song Name Hey Ya Movie Kidnap Singer Suzanne D'Mello Lyrics Mayur Puri Music

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