Cannot get logname variable

2019-08-21 05:53

when echo LOGNAME or logname commands run normally get same result like following: echo LOGNAME pandya lognameOne of the most common questions asked when adding new workloads to TWS is Why doesnt my job run under TWS when it runs perfectly okay from the command line? profile has executed it will usually set up the location of programs or commands that are executed using an environment variable known as the PATH. The PATH variable cannot get logname variable

I have no idea which thread you are referring to, perhaps you can provide a link to this thread? Anyway, variables like LOGNAME or USER may be common but are in

Nov 08, 2007 Pinned topic AIX 5. 3 binsu fails problem Cannot get LOGNAME variable. First off you should check if you need to specify env file in VCS as VCS sets all the necessary environments variables so you you only need to use if you are using some nonstandard Oracle environments variables and in this case I would create a separate environment file owned by root.cannot get logname variable developerWorks forums allow community members to ask and answer questions on technical topics. You can search forum titles, topics, open questions, and answered questions. You can easily see the forums that you own, are a member of, and are following.

When submitting jobs to ControlMAgent on AIX they may fail with the message: Cannot get LOGNAME variable. Version 12 Created by Knowledge Admin on Feb 11, 2016 9: 56 AM. cannot get logname variable LOGNAME is the original variable and tends to be used in System V Unix and its decendants. USER was introduced by BSD to replace LOGNAME. These days lots of versions of Unix provide both in an effort to please everybody. Hello all, For some reason I cannot su to root in a telnet, ssh, or local console session. I get a cannot get LOGANME variable message. I've checked the su is not working with AIX5. 1 saying that cannot get LOGNAME variable. Question: In our AIX 5. 1 server su is not working and login as: av48ch password: Last unsuccessful login: Fri 18 May 07: 41: 22 2007 on devpts0 from xx. xx. xxx. xxl. com Cannot get LOGNAME variable. And it doesn't allow us to su to that user. This is using SSH via PuTTY. Funny other thing. If we go via regular telnet or just an xterm session. The su from one user to another works just fine. I saw this old message about the LOGNAME being set to read only.

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