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2020-02-23 10:36

Tutorial: How to Rename a Class using Refactor in Xcode 4 and Xcode 5 Posted on May 14, 2011 by idz Update: Although this post was originally written about Xcode 4 the procedure is the same in Xcode 5In Xcode 4 I changed the name of my cocoa Application's Target Name because I wanted to change the name of the executable. The Build works fine but after compiling Xcode still starts the old executable that is still listed in the Products folder in the project navigator. xcode 4 change project name

Run the app on the emulator or your device, and you will see the new name. Now if you really want to change the naming structure, simply double click (slowly) on your project name in the Navigator Bar. When you change the name of your project, Xcode will ask you to confirm which files to change (it will usually be all of the ones necessary).

XCode 4: Archive is using old project name. I have renamed my project successfully. However, when I create an archive (I'm ready to upload it to the store), Organizer is showing the archive named with the OLD project name. In fact I have renamed this project twice! And it is showing the original name. I don't know if this is going In Xcode 3. 1, in addition to the steps described above for the first problem: (1) Rename the Prefix. pch file as well as the xcodeproj file. (2) Having doubleclicked on the target to open up the info window, click on the Build tab and change the Product Name and Prefix Header values.xcode 4 change project name Let's assume the current project name is ProjAbc and you want to rename it to ProjDef: Exit Xcode of that project. In Finder, Duplicate the folder ABOVE ProjAbc. xcodeproj for backup. In Finder, Rename freely the folder ABOVE ProjAbc. xcodeproj if you feel you need it to suit new project name.

Jun 09, 2016 Rename Project 1. Click on the blue project icon in the project navigator on top left. Look for Identity and Type input field on right column, the inspector. 2. Change the project name there in the Name field. 3. Press returnenter 4. xcode 4 change project name To change the name of the app if it has been customized: In recent versions of XCode (I am on currently), (PRODUCTNAME) is set to (TARGETNAME) which defaults to the name of the project directory (no don't change the directory name). Solution: Click on the file navigator. Click on your blue project If you need to change the name of the Application as it appears on the iPhone's home screen, you need to do it in the Target configuration, not the project configuration. Expand the Targets group in Xcode, then singleclick the item under that. Now, time to close Xcode and change the name of the folder that contains the projects files. Go to a terminal (you can open it by pressing CmdSpace) and typing terminal. If you are familiar with the terminal, CD to the directory of your project. However, if you never faced this black text screen, fear not. Xcode 4: Change CompanyOrganization Name Per Project. Heres a quick tip to change the company (now know as the Organization) name in an Xcode 4 project. From the Project Navigator, make sure the project name is selected: Select the Utilities view on the right within Xcode

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