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2019-08-23 15:30

He performs alongside rappers who by the names of Swift, Deepee, Sleeks, Knine and Inch in Section Boyz. Family Life He and the Section Boyz are from South London.There are currently six members in Section Boyz Swift, Deeppee, Knine, Inch, Sleeks and Littlez. There were previously seven members however Reeko Squeeze left due to creative differences . section boyz names and faces

Member of Smoke Boys (formerly Section Boyz). Popular Swift (Smoke Boys) songs Playa No More. PnB Rock Ugly Faces. Swift (Smoke Boys) Eye For Eye 2. Swift (Smoke Boys) Mad About Bars. Smoke Boys

It sounds already a bit odd with the name change, but is only a recent thing (October 2018) after a 2 year period of hiatus when Section Boyz members renamed the group Smoke Boys. Sep 07, 2017 Mix Swift X Loski Ugly Faces [@SwiftSection @DrilloskiHs YouTube Loski, Harlem O freestyle Westwood Crib Session Duration: 18: 20. TimWestwoodTV 760, 678 viewssection boyz names and faces Section Boyz is an English rap group based in South London started by UK rap artist Ghost. On September 25, 2015, the group's second mixtape Don't Panic entered at number 36 independently, making their first UK Albums Chart entry. On 4 November

Ever wondered what the Section Boyz members names are? This will help you identify the 6 South London rappers. Section Boyz' debut album 'Don't Panic' is out now. section boyz names and faces

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