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2019-08-21 17:40

How can the answer be improved?A town is considering a change of name in a bid to shake off links with the comedy character Ali G, local councillors said. ali g town name change

Nov 04, 2010  And while its believed that the town of 45, 000 people initially welcomed the burst of publicity, the British TV show (which aired on HBO) claimed Staines main attractions were a traffic circle and the local KFC. Hardly a surprise, then, that its now contemplating a name change.

Town officially changes name to StainesuponThames, but not all residents are convinced Nov 04, 2010  Ali G town Staines considers name change Last updated 10: 43 and needs a change of name to change its fortunes. Ali G's adventures cast the townali g town name change Staines Sever Ties With Ali G Through Name Change The town of Staines (England) on Sunday marked an official name change (under a slight alteration of StainesuponThames), claiming the move has been made in an effort to enhance their poor public image, with one of the contributions to that stereotype widely believed to be made by Ali

The town of Staines, immortalised by comedy character Ali G, may change its name to attract business. The Surrey town of Staines, which was made famous by Sacha Baron Cohen's Ali G character, is considering changing its name to attract more investors to the area. Business leaders in the region are proposing the amendment, ali g town name change Ali G town changes name. Ali G's adventures cast the town of 45, 000 as a cultural wasteland whose star sights included a traffic circle and the local KFC. The town initially welcomed Baron Cohen's fame, but the negative connotations lingered even as the comedian moved on to other projects, including the movies Borat, and The Dictator. This stain on our character: Surrey town wants to ditch Ali G link and rename itself StainesonThames. Euan O'Hara, added: 'I hope the name change will end any association with Ali G' Hometown of 'Ali G' considers name change. Residents of a British town primarily known as the hometown of comedian Sasha Baron Cohen's character Ali G are suggesting a change to the town's name. Ali G town mulls name change AP A train station sign is seen as an unidentified man looks at an information board outside Staines Station in Staines, England, Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2010.

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