Car part names for male dogs

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May 24, 2010 Thought a name like Shelby was a friendlier, more intelligent twist on the usual Tyson etc names for a big, gorgeous dog. Muscle car muscle dog, without the crap to go with itNov 19, 2011 Dog name (male) relating to carsparts? I love cars. So I would like to name my puppy after something related to it. Please do not suggest axelaxle or any variation of that name. I do not like American cars, so no Chevy cadillac shelby or anything relating to American cars. Lol. Um I would prefer not to have a long name like Mercedes, car part names for male dogs

Its a logical progression from thinking of pets as part of the family. A way of saying that in our hearts, our dogs have the same status as people. TOP TIP: If your puppy is arriving any day soon, check out our list of puppy essentials and make sure you are ready. Place names for male dogs.

List of the Top 125 CarRelated Baby Names. Name your child after a car brand, car model, car part or common automotive terms! These names are only acceptable if youre raising a team of G. I. Joe action figures andor a pack of husky sled dogs that youre racing in the Iditarod. Disney's Pixar hit film Cars depicts the story of rookie race car Lightning McQueen. Lightning is up against two veteran cars for the coveted Piston Cup trophy: Strip Weathers (also known as The King) and Chick Hicks. Male Cars Dog Names. Votes Name Vote; 0: Lightning. Community Dogs with Cars Names. Share Your Dog's Cars Name? Share part names for male dogs Automobiles can inspire a large number and variety of excellent names for dogs, using inspiration like makes and models of cars, specific car parts, slang terms, and even names of famous racecar drivers or the designers and producers of iconic automobiles.

Jan 19, 2009 Anyone have any good ideas for some car related names for a female dog? Car parts, track names, car manufacturers etc. ? Update: Its for a yellow lab puppy. . car part names for male dogs There are dog names similar to car part dog names, car names for dogs, for example. But there are many more types of dog names. How about a tropical dog name, or maybe a patriotic dog name and there are also literary dog names. Best Male Dog Names 200 Great Ideas For Boy Puppies! In this article, well give you some great ideas for boy dog names as well as our top male dog names! Check out the following names for male dogs that weve categorized by such attributes as your puppys cuteness, size, and individuality! My neice has a part blue healer named Male And Female Car Names For Dogs. Accent: By Hyundai, good choice for a dog with a foreign bark. Karman: Part of a classic VW car name without the Gia. Kia: South Korean car company, a fun pick for a little breed. Laguna: Made by Renault, perfect title for an outdoorsy pooch. Feb 24, 2006  Doggie Deliveries has another great directory of unique puppy names for both male and female dogs alike. (like good sports names, unusual car names, Stay up to date with what's happening on The Dog Guide. From Dog Care tips& Dog Health issues to Tricks& Training tips and other Fun Dog Stuff you'll always be the

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