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2019-09-16 03:38

According to CBS News, in 2014 officials from the Mexican state Sonora published a list of banned baby names that included Circumcision, Facebook, and Juan Panties. The goal of the law is to prevent children from being bullied and it prohibits parents from giving their kids namesROBOCOP. Officials from Sonora, Mexico, recently compiled a list of banned baby names taken straight from the states newborn registries. While citizens are no longer allowed to give this name to their children, theres at least one kid out there named Robocop. mexico baby names banned

Below is a list of some of the banned names in Sonora. Photo gallery Banned Baby Names In Mexico See Gallery Illegal Baby Names: These 61 Baby Names Are Banned In One Mexican State. 1 30. Banned

Some baby names are prohibited in Mexico. Heath and Deborah Campbell made headlines in early 2009 after a New Jersey bakery refused to decorate a cake for their 6yearold child named Adolf Hitler. The state took Adolf and his siblings into protective custody a short time later. The Campbells were reportedly still trying to gain visitation rights to their children as of last year. How can the answer be improved?mexico baby names banned Scrotum, Rambo on List of Banned Baby Names. Some projected baby names include Everest, Nile, and Beach. If you ever thought about naming your child Harry Potter, Facebook or Hitler, you'd be out of luck if you lived in one Mexican state. According to the Associated Press, those are just a few of the 61 banned baby names in Sonora, Mexico,

Baby Names Banned In Mexico: Facebook, Harry Potter, Terminator Make List Of Prohibited Names In Sonora. The civil registry establishes in Article 46 that it prohibits minors to be registered under names that are pejorative, discriminatory, shameful, degrading, lacking significance or mexico baby names banned

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