Kid arguing with mom named linda

2019-09-19 20:51

Toddler Has Adorable Argument With Mom For Cupcakes Watch. View Gallery the little boy even calls him mom by her first name, Linda, and asks her repeatedly to listen to him.Video of a little boy trying to make his case over a cupcake has gone viral. Mom, Linda Beltran, took the video after her son, Mateo, tried to sneak cupcakes. She started filming her 3yearold kid arguing with mom named linda

VIDEO: How Ellen moved Listen Linda cupcake kids mom to tears Hes the threeyearold boy whose argument with his mother over cupcakes went viral this month.

When it comes to cupcakes, one toddler is very persuasive. A woman posted a video to YouTube of her 3yearold son trying to argue with her about having cupcakes for dinner, and his reasons why Listen, listen, listen, Linda. Honey! Words spoken by a threeyearold to his mother in an argument over cupcakes. It's adorable to some, outrageous to others. See for yourself in the video below.kid arguing with mom named linda Cute and funny kids; it was only a matter of time until Ellen caught wind of this. Linda Beltran, mother of Mateo, uploaded a video to her YouTube channel of her adorable son arguing with her about being able to eat cupcakes at grandmas house.

'Linda, honey, just listen! Threeyearold boy makes compelling argument for cupcakes for dinner. Threeyearold Mateo was videoed arguing with his mother, who he calls 'Linda' kid arguing with mom named linda Wait until he is arguing like this in middle school. Funny, but that would NOT have been my kid. Red flag, Linda Honey. Mar 13, 2014 TRY NOT TO LAUGH or GRIN Watching Funny Kids and Baby Compilation November 2018 Vine Age Duration: 11: 18. Vine Age 853, 820 views So this threeyearold kid thinks he should have a cupcake for dinner, and the woman he's arguing with, his mom (we think? ) Linda (you will hear her name in the video a lot), does not think he Threeyearold Mateo likes to argue. A lot. When Mateo's mom Linda took a YouTube video of him arguing and arguing with her over cupcakes, it didnt just get a few clicks, it went viral. As of

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