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It is known, however, that all members of the series resemble actinium and each other in their chemical properties and that they have a strong chemical resemblance to their homologs in the lanthanide series. The actinides are reactive and assume a number of different valences in their compounds.Actinide Series of Metals There are two rows under the periodic table: the lanthanide and actinide series. The lanthanide series can be found naturally on Earth. Only one element in the series is radioactive. The actinide series is much different. They are all radioactive and some are not found in nature. Some of the elements with higher atomic numbers have only been made in labs. names of all actinides

All other actinides are synthetic, or artificially made. To understand the physical and chemical properties of actinides, a basic foundation of atomic structure, radioactivity, and the periodic table is required.

Actinides (Actinide Series) Actinides Definition. The actinides or actinoids are a set of radioactive elements on Location of the Actinides. The modern periodic table has two rows of elements below the main body List of Elements in the Actinide Series. There are 15 actinide elements. The lanthanides are in period 6, the actinides in the 7th period. Periods are numbered vertically (down from the top) but run across the periodic table in rows.names of all actinides How can the answer be improved?

Mar 08, 2019 Actinides This is a group of elements within the periodic table and are also known as the transuranics. The name refers to those elements with increasing atomic no. from actinium, which all have names of all actinides Science The actinide or actinoid elements are a series of elements including atomic number 89 (actinium) through 103 (lawrencium). Here is a list of all of the elements in the actinide series: Actinium (sometimes considered a transition metal yet not an actinide). Lawrencium (sometimes considered

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