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A timeline showing the Kings and Queens of England from 827 to present day including royal house, parentage, marriage, dates of reign and details of reign Changed the royal name to Windsor during World War One to distance the monarchy from its German heritage. The date of 941 is based on an assumption that she was around 20 years oldList of famous emperors& kings with their biographies that include trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history. John, King of England (British) Louis XVI of France (French) Henry II of England (French) Akihito (Japanese) Constantine the Great (Ancient Roman) Philip II of Spain old kings names of england

MONARCHS OF ENGLAND House of Wessex Egbert ( ) Aethelwulf ( ) Aethelbald ( ) Aethelbert (8606) Aethelred ( ) Alfred the Great ( )

Rhyme to remember Kings& Queens of England since William I (the Conqueror) Harry, Dick, John, Harry Three. Henry Four, Five, Six then who? Harrys twain and Ned, the lad. Charlie, Charlie, James again. Edward, George and Liz (alive). Home Namesakes. The first king of England is generally said to be Egbert, who united the realms of Wessex, Cornwall, Mercia, Kent, Sussex, Essex and East Anglia in the 9th century and gave them the name England. His descendants ruled England until Canuteold kings names of england Anne had been Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland since 8 March 1702, and so became Queen of Great Britain upon the Union of England and Scotland. (Her total reign was 12 years and 147 days. ) Name

Chlothar the Old (Clotaire) 511 29 November 561 Died aged 64. Name King from King until Relationship with predecessor(s) Title Robert I: 30 June 922 Kings of England and later, of Great Britain (renounced by Hanoverian King George III upon union with Ireland in 1800). old kings names of england Old English Origin Names. The surname was originally taken from the name of a town in Leicestershire, England (which no longer exists). A famous bearer of the surname was Alexander Hamilton ( ), a founding father of the United States who was killed in a duel with Aaron Burr. Jul 23, 2013  Now, those names are all pretty good. But clearly, the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge could use a few more suggestions in the name box. Forthwith, EWs own list of 100 Names Aug 13, 2012 Royal Names: Full Names of Kings, Queens, Princes, and Princesses (Inspired by violetgray's Royal BNG) The royal family in Belgium has nice names as well. The king is Albert Flix Humbert Thodore Christian Eugne Marie and he is married to Paola. They have three children. 1. This area will feature more illustrations of the Kings and Queens of England as time permits. Updated April 2013 Name and Dynasty: Accession: Death: The House of Normandy: William I (William the Conqueror) Had a Palace at Old Windsor which he gave to the Abbey of Westminster just before he died. In 1509 Henry became king at the age of only

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