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Enamel. In cloisonne enamel, the enamel is laid in partitioned off compartments formed by fine metal strips soldered on a metallic surface edgewise along the lines of a design, thus following the exact lines of the contour. In champlev enamel, the enamel is laid in troughs made inDefine aprismatic enamel. aprismatic enamel synonyms, aprismatic enamel pronunciation, aprismatic enamel translation, English dictionary definition of aprismatic enamel. n. 1. A vitreous, usually opaque, protective or decorative coating baked on metal, glass, or ceramic ware. 2. An object having such a coating, as in a piece aprismatic enamel define

progressively mineralized glycoproteinaceous tubules, the basic structural units of enamel; enamel is acellular and consists of interrod material and rods, enamel spot remnant of the enamel cup in the center of an incisor tooth table in a horse.

Enamel type (in prismless enamel): In prismless enamel, an enamel type is a large volume of enamel that consist of crystallites or modules of the same type and of similar orientation. The enamel of a tooth may possess more than one enamel type, and enamel types may be arranged in layers from the EDJ to the OES or may be distributed in other ways. How can the answer be improved?aprismatic enamel define Antonyms for aprismatic enamel. 1 synonym for enamel: tooth enamel. What are synonyms for aprismatic enamel? Aprismatic enamel synonyms, aprismatic enamel antonyms FreeThesaurus. com All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. This

aprismatic enamel. A thin surface layer of the tooth, thought to be solid without individual enamel rods or prisms. aprismatic enamel define

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