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French Phrases: Common jobs and professions in French. General types of worker. The following don't describe specific jobs, but more the type of job carried out by a person: Artists' job titles in French Office job titles in French Officials' job titles in French Languagerelated job titlesFrench Jobs Vocabulary: Basic rules. French jobs vocabulary, although extensive, is pretty easy to learn. But first, you have to keep these few rules in mind. In French, each profession word must correspond in gender (masculine or feminine) with the person its describing. You will notice that some of the professions have two names (one masculine, one feminine). Example: un acteur une actrice (an actoran actress) There are jobs job names in french

Your Complete Guide to Professions in French: From Common Job Names to Formal Titles and Abbreviations A Few French Grammar Rules Involving Professions. Abbreviations for Certain French Job Titles. The Debate over Job Title Feminization in French. Formal and Courtesy Titles for French

Learn to say in French all sorts of professions and occupations from the different types of field. Here is a list of words that you can add to your French vocabulary. Get this list in PDF format by clicking the yellow button below. Jobs and professions: Vocabulary English and French. APPRENDRE FRANAIS VOCABULAIRE. Jobs and professions Vocabulary and expressions related to jobs and professions in French. Vocabulaire de travail et professions en franais, espagnol et anglais. FRENCH.job names in french A vocabulary sheet with a simple French jobs list. Students are given the masculine and feminine versions of job titles in French. Click on the image below to download.

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