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What order should I watch the Star Wars movies in? optional viewing after this one is another words like Wookiee, Jedi, and lightsaber became household names, and the Star Wars universeStar Wars: The Perfect Viewing Order Episode Order. Ask George Lucas what sequence you should watch the Star Wars films in Production Order. The purists approach, production order maintains the historic account Ernst Rister Order. Named after the Star Wars forum poster who first proposed star wars viewing order by name

The conventional method of viewing the Star Wars films in historical, chronological order is certainly legitimate and is absolutely the way I would introduce this universe to children. However, from a mythological point of view, I propose we subscribe to the formula originally crafted by Homer, author of The Iliad (the oldest existing work of Western Literature) and its sequel, The Odyssey.

There is no official recommended viewing order for the Star Wars series, but there are two main approaches: Watch the series in numerical (inuniverse chronological) order (I, II, III, IV, V, VI) Watch the series in release order (IV, V, VI, I, II, III) My personal recommendation would be to watch the series in release order. That is, watch the original trilogy first, and then watch the prequel trilogy after that. The Best Viewing Order for a Star Wars Marathon. Grade: A Method 4: Alternating Trilogies This is the final viable viewing order, imho. This approach has you alternating between the Prequel and Original Trilogies starting with Episode I. So the viewing order would be: I IV II V III wars viewing order by name What order to watch the Star Wars films in according to George Lucas himself (and others) Aaron Paul, Mark Ruffalo, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and others weigh in on the ultimate question

The Optimal Star Wars Viewing Order. On December 12, 2017 May 30, In order to help you avoid those pitfalls, here I present you the optimal viewing order of Star Wars movies. Name (required) Website. You are commenting using your WordPress. com account. star wars viewing order by name The best order to watch Star Wars: Standard method. Star Wars is ultimately the story of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Darth Vader and the way their legacy impacts the universe and people around them. Han Solo and Chewy are two of the greatest characters of all time, adding humor and humanity to a series that desperately needs both. And thats why one unique viewing order has come to dominate the Star Wars viewing order debate. Im talking, of course, about the Machete Order (hey, cool name! ). Im talking, of course, about the Machete Order (hey, cool name! ). Now we have sequels, the other orders don't quite gel; Star Wars isn't The Tragedy of Darth Vader anymore, yet all other viewing methods are constructed around that notion. For release order, going from Return of the Jedi to The Phantom Menace is an odd leap when Revenge of the Sith is going to go into The Force Awakens.

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