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How can the answer be improved?The spiritual being who revolted against God (Isaiah 14; Ezekiel 28), Satan is known as the father of lies (John 8: 44) who deceives humanity into sin against God's will (Genesis 3). He is noted by several names in the Bible. Some of the most commonly used include: Devil: This name is used more than 30 times in Scripture. names of satan in scripture

(ver 2. 0) This is Part 2 in a series of reference documents about the multiple Names, Titles, Descriptions and Symbols of named Spiritual Individuals in the Bible. This document will focus only on the subject verses of the enemy Satan found in the Bible.

The word Satan is mentioned in approximately 49 verses in the Bible. The word devil is mentioned in approximately 56 verses in the Bible. There are many additional verses that use other names to er to Satan. In the Quran, Satan's name is Iblis ( Arabic pronunciation: [iblis ), probably a derivative of the Greek word diabolos. Muslims do not regard Satan as the cause of evil, but as a tempter, who takes advantage of humans' inclinations toward selfcenteredness.names of satan in scripture The history of Satan is described in the Bible in Isaiah 14: 1215 and Ezekiel 28: 1219. These two biblical passages also reference the king of Babylon, the King of Tyre, and the spiritual power behind the kings.

37 Bible Verses about. ALL Names And Titles For Satan Names And Titles For Satan. Most Relevant Verses. Revelation 9: 11. Names For Satan, Titles For The Destroyer. They have as king over them, the angel of the abyss; his name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in the Greek he has the name Apollyon. Revelation 12: 10. Verse Concepts. names of satan in scripture Afterwards, Scripture seems to indicate that God gave him a throne of responsibility supervising other spirits (Isaiah 14: 13, Revelation 12: 3 4) just before he turned himself into the devil. The below list uses names and terms for the devil found in the King James Bible translation. There are many names for the devil in scripture besides just Satan. Review all the names for the devil and his demons in each book of LDS scripture. The name Satan comes from a Hebrew word signifying an adversary, an enemy, and an accuser. In Gods Word, we discover that Satan is Gods enemy and is against all for which God stands. He is the archenemy of good. Topic: What the Bible Says about Satan Names for Satan Bible Study. Here is a list of some of the other names for Satan in the Bible. Satan plays many roles and by knowing them it will give us a better understanding to his method of operation.

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