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Nov 16, 2014 Name your German shepherd puppy Beethoven if you want a dog with an invincible spirit. Kafka Franz Kafka was born in the Germanspeaking portion of Prague, then the capitol of the Kingdom of Bohemia and part of the AustroHungarian Empire.Oct 30, 2013  These dogs are truly a mans best friend. First appearing around 1890 in Germany, they were initially used for herding sheep, hence the breed's name: German shepherd, or sheep herd. . It is no mystery why these dogs are now loved worldwide. They are female german shep names

Jun 08, 2014 More Female Names Ainsley, Amber, Amirah, Arwen, Anika, Allegra, Affinity, Azrael Berry, Bliss, Bijou, Breeze In order to be able to post messages on the German Shepherd Dog Forums forums, you must first register. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below.

These names can be assigned to the German shepherds depending on different aspects. These aspects include gender, the popularity of the name, color, personality, origin among others. A name Female German Shepherd Names Cute Names For Your Girl GSD. The breed has a very distinctive personality and will not hesitate to face danger or even death to protect their families. Female German Shepherds are protective, very selfconfident and more loving to those she lives with than the malefemale german shep names German shepherd female names Ella (short for Eleanor Roosevelt). Amelia (Amelia Earhart). Katniss (after the main character in The Hunger Games trilogy). Liz (short for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II). Hermione (Harry Potter). Nancy (Nancy Drew series). Xena (Xena the Warrior Princess). River

Picking the Perfect name for your German Shepherd can be a difficult task. German Shepherds are known for their strength, toughness, and protectiveness. At the same time they can be sweet hearts that will show endless amounts of love to their family. This can make picking the perfect name for your German Shepherd very challenging. female german shep names German Shepherd Names Perfect For Male And Female GSDs. Gretchen: The German name Gretchen means little pearl which would make a good fit with any female German Shepherd dog. Katrina: Meaning pure this dog names for German Shepherds would be perfect for any purebred pup. Zeus: Zeus makes a unique name choice for German Shepherds. Female German Shepherd Names Top 10 Most Popular Male Names According to poll conducted by Rover. com with US Citizens and their user data, these are the most popular Dog names of 2015. Female German Shepherd Names Names for your Female German Shepherd Dog and Meanings. As a kid, I had two German Shepherds, but they were both male. Later in life I had two more male Shepherds, but they were not pure bred and both were named Sam (actually the second one was named Sam II). If you need a boy dog name for your Shepherd, Many of these names would be a terrific choice for that new female puppy or adopted female adult dog. Choose carefully and have fun going through the list. Remember, that once you have your perfect female dog name to get a dog name tag with your new dog's name, your name, and your phone number as soon as possible.

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