Female names in songs by the beatles

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Beatles Inspired Dog Name Considerations. One could start by narrowing their search down to the members of the band; John Lennon was known as the Witty One, Paul McCartney was known as the Cute One, George Harrison was deemed the Quiet One, and Ringo Starr was dubbed the Funny One back in the bands early days.If you're a fan of the Fab Four, look no further than this great list of Beatles Dog Names, drawing from the Beatles history, career, and of course their great songs. Beatles Dog Names A great collection of names yeah, yeah, yeah! female names in songs by the beatles

From names inspired by their music to the rock icons themselves, you will love our list of Beatlemania baby names. Beatles baby names wed pick eight days a week SheKnows Its a Beatles

Beatlesinspired dog names By dogtime If the fab four still rock your world, these dog names, lifted from old Beatles songs, will have you humming every time you call your dog. 26 Beatles Songs That include Female Names 8 Maggie Mae. 9 Martha My Dear. 10 Long Tall Sally. 11 Julia. 12 Clarabella. 13 Lovely Rita. 14 Michelle. 15 Whats The New Mary Jane. 16 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds. 17 Anna (go to him). 18 Dear Prudence.female names in songs by the beatles Sep 26, 2007 Anna, The Ballad of John and Yoko, Clarabella, Dear Prudence, Dizzy Miss Lizzy, Eleanor Rigby, Heather (Paul McCartney song), Hey Jude, Honey Don't, Honey Pie, Julia, Lady Madonna, Long Tall Sally, Lovely Rita, Lucille, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Maggie Mae, Martha My Dear, Michelle, My Bonnie, Penny Lane, Sexy Sadie, Taking a trip to Carolina,

Feb 02, 2010 Can you name the female names in Beatle song titles or lyrics? Music Quiz Women in Beatle Songs Tags: Lyrics Quiz, Song Quiz, The Beatles Quiz, female, women. Top Quizzes Today. Top Quizzes Today in Music. 1990s Song Title Beginnings II 160; Composers First Names 102; female names in songs by the beatles Jan 27, 2011 Perusing the list of Beatles songs, it seems like they have more names for girls than boys. You could go with Maxwell, but who knows what that kid could get up to. The music created by The Beatles is totally timeless and iconic, as are the legendary members of the band. Between the names inspired by their song titles and the names of the musicians themselves Well in just song titles, I can count 19 girls' names, according to what Wikipedia calls a complete list of Beatles songs. I'm not really sure if some of the ones that I've included should really be counted as a girl's name (e. g. Lady Madonna ), so here's my list of the 19 songs Name of song, core catalogue release, songwriter(s), lead vocal(s) and year of original release Another Girl Help! Lennon McCartney McCartney 1965 Any Time at All A Hard Day's Night: Lennon McCartney Live versions of the Beatles' songs have been released across many live albums. These songs were recorded live by the Beatles and were

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