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How are Japanese names written in the Chinese language? Japanese kanji, the complex chicken scratch is a Chinese invention and copied by the Japanese. Having said that, the Japanese were clever enough to modify Chinese characters to add a simplified phonetic alphabet that helps (or complicates, as the case may be) with writing in Japanese.Language Japanese: Names And Words. Japanese names have some rather special features. A very brief explanation: Most Japanese given names are written in kanji, a script of Chinese origin where each single character stands for a whole word or concept. Most names have japanese names chinese characters

Chinese characters adapted to write Japanese words are known as kanji. Chinese words borrowed into Japanese could be written with Chinese characters, while native Japanese words could also be written using the character(s) for a Chinese word of similar meaning.

At the beginning, Japan take Chinese characters as symbols of watch sounds, that is to say, matching the numbers of syllables of Japanese with the same number of Chinese characters. Later, these Chinese characters gradually evolved to Kana, Jia means borrow, Min means character, hence the Kana. Chinese names are used in China and in Chinese communities throughout the world. Note that depending on the Chinese characters used these names can have many other meanings besides those listed here. See also about Chinese names.japanese names chinese characters Learn your Chinese name with this list of English names and their Chinese translation. They are ordered alphabetically, by gender, and translated based on the English pronunciation of the names. The Chinese names are written in simplified characters, which are used in Mainland China.

Japanese names are usually written in kanji (Chinese characters, see Kanji). Surnames are almost always in kanji. Given names are usually in kanji. Some given names are in hiragana or katakana (see Hiragana and katakana). Japanese people do not have middle names, and middle names are not recognized in Japan, except for foreigners. japanese names chinese characters Japanese Background Japan is an archipelago of 6, 852 islands located in the Pacific Ocean, the biggest islands being Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku. It is considered one of the most densely populated countries in the world, with the capital of Tokyo, the worlds largest metropolitan area with the population of 30 million. Characters. Japanese names are usually written in kanji (Chinese characters), although some names use hiragana or even katakana, or a mixture of kanji and kana. While most traditional names use kun'yomi (native Japanese) kanji readings, a large number of given names and surnames use on'yomi (Chinesebased) kanji readings as well.

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