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24 Funny Town Names You Wont Believe Exist Diane Dragan Nov 03 We sent our humor editor, Andy Simmons, on a crosscountry trip and you wont believe these funny town names actually exist.25 Ridiculous Sounding Town Names. # 8 Has Got To Be The Worst. 12. ) I must visit this delicious town. 13. ) Both the name AND the sign are depressing. Thats impressive. 14. ) Why stop here? Why not. 15. ) Truth or Dares responsible, boring cousin. 24 Weird But weird sounding town names

Across the 50 states, more than anywhere else in the world, cities and townships have some of the strangest names youll find. From monikers that tell you where, exactly, youll be spending all of eternity (its not pleasant) to locales inspired by Saint Nick, these unusual town names

Unusual, bizarre or humorous names of towns in the U. S. The following is a listing of some of the most unusual, amusing, beautiful, humorous or bizarre place names in America. The names of some of these communities may sound silly, wacky, or perhaps even fabricated. 10 Mispronounced Town And City Names In Massachusetts. views. comments. A lot of people who don't live in Massachusetts tend to mispronounce a lot of our town and city names. We also tend to get mad when people butcher our town names, but come on, we have some weird pronunciations! In order to avoid conflict with some angry andweird sounding town names I love how we have several towns and cities with strange, funny andor even ironic names. In May, we highlighted 10 of these towns and today, we are bringing you 13 more, including: 1.

The name is a bit weird to say the least. Heres the story: Amid fighting between the Native Americans and white settlers who encroached on the area in the late 1800s, the white settlers settled in an area that was referred to as the white settlement, a name that eventually became the official town name. weird sounding town names Featured town: Slaughterville, OK The tiny Oklahoma town of Slaughterville was named after grocery store owner James Slaughter. Despite this fact, the town became the subject of a PETA protest. PETA asked the town to change its name to Veggieville, with the promise of donating 20, 000 in veggie burgers to the school district if they did. 52 Weird Names Of Places In The United States That You Just Cant Believe Are Real Check out the weirdest and wackiest city and town names in Arkansas. Want to check out Blue Ball or Weiner? Check out the weirdest and wackiest city and town names in Arkansas. Weird and Unusual Arkansas City and Town Names. By Amanda Galiano. Updated. Share Pin Email Arkansas could fill up its own Top Weird Names list Wikipedia: Unusual place names AF. Australian village, unusual in that very few other places in the world have digits GM. A city in Azerbaijan. This little town in Georgia, USA could put itself out of business, NS. Yeah, that's a name, so you're wrong. A town in central Italy, now called

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