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Celtic Names Britain, Gaul, and Wales. Some scholars believe Celtic evolved from protoIndoEuropean around 1000 B. C. The Celts came to Ireland before 500 B. C. and arrived in England sometime after 500 B. C. (4, 5) There are two main branches of Celtic. Goidelic, or QMale Names from Galatia (Turkey) (Latinized) Aiorix Brother of the high priest of the Mother Goddess at Pessinus (1) Amyntas Galatian ruler during the time of Octavian. The name is Greek. (1, 8) Brogitarius Ruler of the Trocmi (1) Cavarus The last ruler of another Celtic founded kingdom, Tylis. gaul tribe names

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Celtic Gaul name generator. This name generator will give you 10 random Celtic Gaul names. Gaul was a Western European region during the 6th or 5th to 1st centuries BC. They were eventually conquered by the Romans, and the Romans influenced the Gauls greatly, both in terms of culture and technology. Many Gauls took either Roman names Mar 09, 2013 ON THE TRIBES OF ANCIENT GAUL. The linguists have estimated that the tribes of the Volcae, the Helvii (close relatives of the Helvetii of modern Switzerland), the Turones, the Nervii, the Suessiones, the Veneti, the Venelli and the Aulerci were the oldest that were formed, because the etymology of their national names is rather difficult.gaul tribe names Follow Us: Membership. Gaul (Latin Gallia, French Gaule) is the name given by the Romans to the territories where the Celtic Gauls (Latin Galli, French Gaulois) lived, including present France, Belgium, Luxemburg and parts of the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany on the west bank of the Rhine, and the Po Valley, in present Italy.

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