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Apr 25, 2006  Likewise there might be times when we do need get the computer name when dealing with remote machines. With WMI you can connect to a remote computer by specifying the computer name; however, you can also connect to a remote computer by specifying an IP address: strComputerJul 13, 2011 The original poster and I both wanted to obtain the client computer name. The above codes work for web application and web service pages with a local server. vb net get local computer name

returns TCPIP based host name of computer. By adding a domain suffix to the host name you can resolve your computer's IP address across the network including LAN and internet. This is for Web Forms and MVC etc. returns the computer name set

SQL server name on local computer not network Home. Programming Forum Software Development Forum computer local name server sql vb. net. 0 0. 3 Contributors forum4 Replies 124 Views Sep 01, 2010  Get Client Computer Name. In order to retrieve the clients computer name, you will have to query the DNS server with the clients IP. The IP can be easily retrieved by using the ASP. NET Request object with its UserHostAddress property. Here isvb net get local computer name How can I get the local users full logon name under VB. Net now? i. e. John Smith as opposed to SmithJ i. e. John Smith as opposed to SmithJ There was a function

Examples. The following example uses the GetHostName method to obtain the host name of the local computer. . public: void try Get the vb net get local computer name how to identify computer name and ip address using vb. net code? Posted 26Feb12 19: 01pm. sathiyak. the local machine the code is running on, or from an incoming connection to your application? ? How can I get computer addresses using VB. NET? Find Host Name and VB. NET provides the facility of finding the details of any computer by creating your own program. Here is an example through which you can easily find the details of any computer& their server. DNS: It refers to the domain name system, it is a internet technology that is used to convert domain name to IP addresses. Get computer name. Ask Question 2. 0. It's still the same principal in C# or VB. NET and you ALREADY have the answer in the code snippet you posted which means you probably just copied it from somewhere without actually understanding what it does which won't do you any good. Rationale to prefer local variables over instance variables? How to Get the Computer Name using VB. NET? Module AC Sub Main() Dim ComputerName As String ComputerName Console. ReadLine() End Sub Function As String Return End Function End Module

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