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Oct 31, 2009 My Chihuahua's name (female) is Gidget. Because it means a girl midget lol and she is so small and I had a male Chihuahua (black and tan) that was TINY, I named Peanut: ) Name himher something to do with it's personality though. That way there is a real meaning behind it: ) It will really mean a lot more to you after a while. Google baby names; )find the best name for your new chihuahua puppy from a selection of over 1000 male and female chihuahua names. choose from chihuahua names that are female, male, sound big or small! theres a good chance you will find the right name for your chihuahua puppy right here at famous chihuahua! is a chihuahua the right pet for you? find out in caring for your chihuahua made easy: breed information, cute names for a girl chihuahua

We offer many Chihuahua puppy names along with over 20, 000 other puppy names. You can browse, search, and save your Chihuahua puppy names until you find that perfect one.

Cute Female Chihuahua Names Daisy. Petunia. Penelope. Angel. Bella. Gigi. Ginger. Hazel. Mia. Gracie. Millie. Zoe. Sugar. Sophie. Pepper. Pumpkin. Olive. Honey. Cookie. Dot. Penny. Chihuahua Names: Top 100 Boy and Girl Names Names Based on Your Chihuahua's Personality. Big or Small Names. Even though the Chihuahua breed holds the title for the smallest dog breed, Boy or Girl Names. Many owners overlook the importance of choosing a name that fits the gender Namescute names for a girl chihuahua How can the answer be improved?

You can choose from Chihuahua names that are big just like your pups personality or that small title to fit her toy like size! Chihuahuas are elegant, energetic, and beautiful canines. They are alert, observant and often said to have terrier qualities. Pixie: A cute girl name cute names for a girl chihuahua Fun, awesome Chihuahua names. See our exclusive list of boy and girl names just for the Chihuahua breed. Name Suggestion Box.

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