Ping server name returns ipv6

2019-08-22 01:33

This could be due to caching or the DNS. On a Windows Server 2008 issue on Server Fault they suggest: If they are resolving to IPv6 they might be cached or have ipv6 addresses registered in DNS. You can also add a 4 to the ping: ping example. com 4May 16, 2013 All my computer and server are ping ipv6 instead of ipv4 when pinging localhost. when pinging remote computer, it return ipv4. but pinging the computer itself, return ipv6. please help. ping server name returns ipv6

In the event that, when the client requests the server and it returns the IPv6 address, and there are some problems with the operation of some legacy applications, there is a more advanced solution. The solution is to increase the priority of the IPv4 over the IPv6 protocol, but with the continued operation of IPv6.

Solved Ping return shows hex digits instead of IP address on one PC. Tags: Microsoft Windows xp professional editio Workstations. Disabling IPv6 is as simple as unchecking the Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCPIPv6) Related Solutions Default gateway ping returns error Lose connection to DCs and Ping returns IPv6 addresses. Greetings. At random intervals (could be a couple days, could be a week or two), my Windows 7 workstation loses connection to our three DCs (Windows 2008 functional level) i. e. in my MMC, ADUC, Exchange Management, DHCP and DNS connections are unavailable. Right click on the serverping server name returns ipv6 (Windows) Ping will now ping the IPv4 address as opposed to the IPv6. Its worth noting, that if you do want to test for IPv6 connectivity, you can add a 6 switch to force that:

Why has ping started to resolve hostnames to IPv6 addresses? Ask Question 5. Why would my computer (Vista Business) begin to start pinging using IPv6? It's probably because when ping looks up the hostname your DNS returns an ip6 address. Check with whomever is in charge of your DNS server. share improve this answer. answered Jan 17 '11 at ping server name returns ipv6 However if I ping server2 from my local machine (Windows 7 with both IPV4 and IPV6 running) I get Pinging server2 [. 33 The TCPIP properties for IPV6 are identical on the server Pinging win2k16 returns an IPv6 address instead of IPv4. I have one win2k16 VM, when I ping it locally, it returns always IPv6. Disabling IPv6 is not supported in Windows. Disabling IPv4 is perfectly fine though. In any case, localhost is: : 1 and you need to deal with this now instead of trying to hide from it. Apr 16, 2018 If the name is that of the server, the IP address is returned as an address from the network adapter that is at the top or bottom of the network bindings order. This usually will be the last network adapter that was installed, and this may not be the interface that you expect to be used. Therefore, the ping command returns an incorrect IP address. Ping returns an IPv6 address. Ask Question. up vote 9 down vote favorite. 2. I have 3 servers, a DC an exchange server and an apps server. If I ping the DC from any server or ping any server from the DC I get an IPv4 response, as you would expect, however if I ping exchange from apps, or the other way round the result I get is an IPv6 address.

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