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A Change of Name Certificate issued by an Australian BDM; A Birth Certificate issued by an Australian BDM, showing your name at birth and your new name; A divorce document showing the name youre changing back to; A Deed Poll registered with the relevant authority. Since 1 April 1996, BDM registers all name changes in NSW.The fee for Postage& Handling (9 including GST) is already added into prices below. Fee for International Registered Post: add 9. Fee to fax information to a Passports office: add 42. Fee for each additional search of up to 10 years: add 43. Fee for Priority processing of certificate application: add 26. change of name nsw fees

Records of change of name by deed poll. Changes of name are registered with the NSW Registry of Births Deaths& Marriages. A change of name of a registered proprietor of an estate or interest in Torrens Title land may be recorded by lodgment of a Change of Name form 10CN (PDF 111KB), together with the current fee.

Easy Name Change New South Wales If you live in NSW and want to change names we can help, Our personalised name change service provides forms, ready to send letters and faxes and name change procedures for local organisations such as Ambulance NSW, RACA and EWay, as well as national organisations like Aussie Mortgages and MLC Superannuation. Change of Name NSW (after a Wedding) Change of name NSW after a wedding is a debatable issue. Should you or shouldnt you and how. Some women who marry choose to change their surname to their husbands surname.change of name nsw fees Forms, fees and fines This page contains links to forms and fees that are used for a range of the Department's programs and services. You can also find information to help you if you need to pay a fine.

If you've changed your name, you'll need to visit a service centre within 14 days to record your new name on your licence, vehicle and vessel details. change of name nsw fees Change of name of party remaining on the title. A Change of name of more than one lease, mortgage or charge involving the same mortgagor on the one form is a multiple instrument. See Fees page. (A) The reference to title for the land affected by the change of name must be stated. (B) The registered number of the lease, mortgage, charge or covenant charge affected by the change of name must be stated. International post is charged an additional fee of 9. Standard certificate (includes a 10 year search) Birth, death, marriage, relationship, single status, or to replace a change of name certificate. Includes a standard and a Commemorative certificate Commemoratives are mailed separately. your personal and contact details. evidence of your current residential address. your payment. the PDF form 'Application to register change of name for a child (under 18 years) or. the PDF form 'Application to register change of name for an adult (18 years or over).

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