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Oct 10, 2009  Nature Names for Boys. Adair: Gaelic word meaning from the oak tree ford . Ainsley: (Scottish) Hermitage wood or clearing. Alder: (German) Alder tree. Ash: Ash tree. Also associated with fire. Aspen: A poplar tree with heartshaped leaves that quiver in the lightest breeze. Aster: GreekSo, we find BOYS names to be really easy but we are struggling with a girls name. We really like outdoorsycountryish names our DS now is named Findlay, and other boys names we like are: outdoorsy baby names girl

Apr 08, 2008  Outdoorsy names for children? Do you know any outdoors, hunting or fishing type names for a boy or girl? Such as Fisher, Hunter, etc. Need some suggestions for a child in an outdoor

April 2011 in Baby Names DH and I are all set with a girl name but CANNOT agree on a boy name to save our lives. We know its still early but we started brain storming tonight. Fierce Girls Baby Names With Outdoorsy Meanings: 1. Aspen: This name reflects sought after adventure, rugged beauty and lighthearted play. As Aspen is located in a remote area of the Rocky Mountain Range in Colorado one of the most sought after destination areas for winter adventure and play. 1.outdoorsy baby names girl 25 adventurous, outdoorsy baby names youll love Strong Girl Names Boys Names 2018 Sweet Baby Names Baby Boy Or Girl Baby Girl Names Baby Kids Homemade Baby Foods Unique Names Unique Baby Boy Names Forward

Baby girl names and the great outdoors: photos Baby names that linked to nature and the great outdoors were a real hit with parents of 2013. Here are the top 20 choices for girls' names. outdoorsy baby names girl The great outdoors, lumberjack style, rustic beauty we can feel the fresh air in our lungs just thinking about it. Trees and nature are so inspirin You love everything about the outdoors, but now you have a baby on the way. These 20 outdoorinspired baby names will reflect your favorite hobby. Dahlia was one of our girls names, but we ended up having a boy: ) I really like Piper. This might sound silly, but you could think of more resilient plants (since you want a strong name) and see if any of the names would work Ie: willow, forsythia (may be a stretch), juniper, lantana, oleander 29 rows  Naturelover names. Treehuggers will love these boys' and girls' names straight from the

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