Map network drive username variable

2020-02-22 10:50

How to use username variable in a vbs script for insertion into a file path By dummy. address 10 years ago below is a snippet of some vbs code that I am using to try and map drives.Powershell to Map Drives based on variable I'm trying to use powershell and successfully have a script that will map any drive I need to except one. This drive is currently mapped in the GPO using the username variable to accomodate that each drive would be specific to the individual user logged into the machine. map network drive username variable

Apr 17, 2018 If the Terminal Services home folder is on a network share, click Connect, select a drive to connect, and then type the network path. Click OK. Local user account. Click Start, You can use the net user command to assign a home folder to a user from the command line. For example, at the command line, type the following command

Came here looking for how to map drives using PowerShell? There's a simpler way with PowerShell3. 0. NewPSDrive has been updated with the persist option. E. g. NewPSDrive Name U PSProvider FileSystem Root Credential yourdomain\username Persist I have a user johndoe with the following drive mapping in his login script (. bat file). net use y: However, when I try to use a more generic mapping using the username variable the Y drive maps to \filesvr\users i. e. it seems to ignore or not be able to look up the user network drive username variable I want to use group policy to map user drives specific to each user. Such as: username domainname\peteh needs to map to \\servername\peteh Is there a way to do this via group policy? [SOLUTION Map drive by username variable in Group Policy

Mapping a network drive using variables (self. sysadmin) To be more clear I need to map the network share for a specific user but I need the script to ask the username first because everyone has their own personal share and the location is different based on the username. map network drive username variable I'm struggling with a problematic drive mapping user preference where I'm trying to use the user's LogonUser variable to a network location (eg. \server\folder Introduction to Map Network Drive UserName. This page has a specific goal, to map a network drive to a UserName, rather than the root of the \home share. In many ways this is the classic logon script task, each user has an individual folder on the Window 2003 server, and you want the script to map to a different folder for each user. Aug 01, 2012 I understand the command NET USE X: \\server\share but my issue is that I need to use NET USE X: \\server\username So if Jane is logged in and her X: drive NET USE X: \\server\jane somehow gets removed, not showing up in Windows Explorer, she can click a simple Batch file that would remap her drive instead of logging off and on again. Right now I map the network drive in Windows Explorer then do I filesystem task. However, eventually this package will be ran automatically, from a different machine, and will need to map the network drive

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