Why did beyonce name child blue ivy

2020-02-26 16:22

Jan 09, 2012  More News. Beyonce and JayZ can't please everyone! In one of the most highly anticipated births in a long time, the superstar couple welcomed their very firstThe rapper says he trademarked Blue Ivy in order to stop others profiting from his family. People wanted to make products based on our childs name and you dont want anybody trying to benefit off your babys name, he says. Jay Z also claimed that his daughter Blue Ivy prefers his music to her mother, Beyonces. why did beyonce name child blue ivy

JayZ and Beyonc trademarked their daughters name. Why? Fair use is one reason why we can discuss Blue Ivy Carter and use her name and not fear retribution from her loving parents. (If we said something bad about the baby that would be a libel issue, which is an entirely different discussion. ) Trademarks do not interfere with our daily lives, in part, because of fair use.

Jan 09, 2012  The tune did not, however, give any clues as to why the baby's name is Blue Ivy, though both monikers seem to hold many meanings for the parents three of Jay's albums have blue Given that Beyonce stated in interviews she was due in February lets assume Blue Ivy came a month early and she was conceived in April. In her documentary Beyonce discusses being pregnant during the Bilboard Awards. That show took place on May 22, 2011 and at approximately 6 weeks pregnant you wouldnt expect to see her showing.why did beyonce name child blue ivy Beyonce and JayZ gave their daughter a unique name: Blue Ivy Carter. So what does it mean? According to People. com, Why did beyonce name her baby blue? She named her baby Blue Ivy.

Ask The Illuminati. As for her lovely middle name Ivy, some people believe that Queen Bey's obsession with the number four (which in Roman numerals is spelled IV), could be the reason behind her name. Beyonc was born on Sept. 4, Jay Z (whose real name is Shawn Carter) was born on Dec. why did beyonce name child blue ivy Mar 09, 2012 The question is why does it matter? It is their child. Its better then common names such as the following Ashley(overly used) Isabelle(trashy name) Rose(trashy and ugly) Her full name is Blue Ivy Carter. She belongs to celebs and celebs do not like common uglytrashy names. Beyonce and JayZ gave their daughter a unique name: Blue Ivy Carter. So what does it mean? According to People. com, Blue has played a major part in JayZ's music career. As far as celebrity baby names go, Blue Ivy is perhaps the most unique. The clues in the name: Beyonce posted a passage from Rebecca Solnit's Field Guide to Getting Lost on her Tumblr. Beyonce reveals meaning behind Blue Ivy's name. There was a lot of speculation around Beyonce and Jay'z unique choice for the name of their baby girl, Blue Ivy, when Bey gave birth in January. Now, the 30yearold beauty has posted an excerpt from Rebecca SoInit's 2005 novel 'A Field Guide to Getting Lost' on her Tumblr. 'The world is blue

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