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No, not in a BAAAD way Its just to tell them apart because shes black! [MF Doom: True, Doom rolled on through with a whole crew That stole on you for holding old brew, who told you? Even if its crap, mind your own business They raps aint got no gift like a lonely Christmas RealMF Doom By Many Other Names. It might seem like MF Doom appeared out of nowhere, but make no mistake, this alter egoembracing rapperproducer is no newcomer to the game. (Doom is an mf doom no names

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This following is a listing of releases by BritishAmerican hip hop recording artist and record producer Daniel Dumile, professionally known by the stage name MF Doom. This discography includes work under his many aliases, his solo work and his collaborations. Oct 30, 2011 DangerDoom No Names (2005) The Mouse And The doom no names The Names: MF DOOM has many aliases, this is a rough roadmap to helping you understand his zany characters. Zev Love X This was the name DOOM went by when rhyming alongside his brother in their original group, KMD.

MF Doom. He has appeared in several collaborative projects such as Madvillain (with Madlib ), Danger Doom (with Danger Mouse ), Doomstarks (with Ghostface Killah ), JJ Doom (with Jneiro Jarel ), NehruvianDoom (with Bishop Nehru ), and Czarface Meets Metal Face (with Czarface ). mf doom no names [Bridge: MF DOOM Doomsday Ever since the womb til I'm back to the essence No, a name! MF the SuperVillain! [Outro: Pebbles the Invisible Girl When I was led to you About No Names The opening and closing dialogue are from episodes of Sealab 2021, an [adult swim cartoon. The entire dangerdoom album is inspired by various [adult swim programs.

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