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2019-08-24 01:44

When overridden in a derived class, gets the value of the attribute with the specified Name. GetAttribute(String, String) GetAttribute(String, String) GetAttribute(String, String)The qualified name of the current node. For example, Name is bk: book for the element. The name returned is dependent on the NodeType of the node. The following node types return the listed values. All other node types return an empty string. xmlreader attribute name c#

How to ignore unknown namespaces with C# XmlReader? Hot Network Questions Was anyone murdered, disappeared, or died suspiciously to cover up the Deepwater Horizon disaster?

c# XmlReader: reading attributes from start element. However, when I used reader. GetAttribute ( width ), I did not get the width attribute, but a whitespace. Therefore, 3: I added true. I don't get a whitespace anymore, but something even stranger. I did This question (which unfortunately does not turn up in the search results for xmlreader c# attribute ) contains an answer which made me understand the problem: Read() does not position the reader at an attribute. You first move to an element, then move to its content, then move to its attributesxmlreader attribute name c# case use textReader. Name and textReader. Value here for attribute name and value break; MoveToNextAttribute method advances reader to the next attribute in current element or returns false if it cannot do so.

Aug 23, 2015 Hi Vidya, Below code reads only the 1st tag1 (1st sub tree) and its elements, you can extend for your requirements. you can use switch cases to find specific elements to validate. xmlreader attribute name c# Getting File Attributes with XMLReader in C# . It depends. If your XML has a single name attribute that contains multiple keywords, call String. Split, like this:

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