How to name a folder on mac pro

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The individual user home folders (which contain all the nice stuff like Downloads, Documents etc. ) are available in Users, each user has hisher own directory there with a name matching their short name.Mar 18, 2010  Method 1: Rename a file or folder by selecting it and hitting the return key. Just click on the icon of the filefolder from the OS X Finder, and then hit the return key, then type in the new name. This is quick and simple, and likely the most traditional method of renaming on the Mac. how to name a folder on mac pro

Jun 25, 2015 Jun 25, 2015 10: 27 PM in response to timmy toad. Renaming files on a PC is a snap. Select the file and press F2, type in the new name, and then press enter. Or instead of pressing F2, you can use your mouse to click a second time on the file name, which will allow you to type in the new name. I was missing the F2 keyboard shortcut on the Mac.

Changing your Home folder name (and your account name, which is linked) is more complicated. Click on the Apple logo in the menu and Log Out of the account you want to change the name for. Mar 28, 2017 Quickly group multiple items into a folder. You can quickly create a folder of items on the desktop or in a Finder window. Select all the items you want to group together. Controlclick one of the selected items, then choose New Folder with Selection. Enter a name for the folder, then press to name a folder on mac pro Click, then enter the administrator name and password that you used to log in. From the list of users, Controlclick or rightclick the user that you want to rename. Choose Advanced Options from the shortcut menu. Change the Account name field to match the new name that you gave the

Move or rename a folder in Outlook for Mac. After you create a folder or subfolder in the navigation pane, you can change the folder's name or move it to a different location in the folder list. Important: You cannot move or rename default folders such as Inbox, Deleted Items, or Calendar. how to name a folder on mac pro Select the filefolder and hit Return on your keyboard. You can now rename the item. Hit Return again once you've typed in the desired name. 03 Get Info. The Get Info window gives you access to some interesting options for the selected filefolder, including the ability to rename it. How to do it. There are several ways to rename a file on your Mac. You can select the file, hit the Return key, and type in the new name, for example, or contextually click the file and change the name in the files Get Info window. Dec 02, 2016  Some advanced Mac users may wish to change a users Home directory folder name. This is a fairly unusual scenario that is typically only necessary for very specific reasons, whether a new user account has been added to a Mac, accounts are being merged, a user is changing their name

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