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2019-08-19 21:32

Royal Baby Name Odds Betting News Harry and Meghan Monday October 15. The announcement of Prince Harry and Meghan's first pregnancy has not only caused headlines across the world, but has network gambling presented plenty of gambling markets concerning the forthcoming Royal Baby birth. The most popular royal market is the name of the baby.Katie Baylis: Royal baby name betting can start even before a royal pregnancy has been confirmed. For example, you can bet on the name, sex, and year of birth of Harry and Meghans first child without anything being publicly confirmed. royal birth name betting

Baby name betting. Some are looking to make big cash, others are in it for the fun and a select few just want to feel a part of the joyous occasion whatever the reason, betting on the latest royal baby is an extremely popular pastime.

Apr 23, 2018 ROYAL baby name odds have been SLASHED, as the Duchess of Cambridge goes into labour this morning. Bookies have said Arthur is the favourite baby name if the child a boy, but what other names are Royal babies tend to be named after their ancestors and relatives, and bookmakers odds are currently tipped in favor of the baby being named Arthur or James. Arthur, a classic British name, would pay homage to Queen Elizabeths late father King George VI, whose middle name was Arthur. Beforeroyal birth name betting THE royal baby was finally named on April 27 the darling prince is called Louis Arthur Charles. After Kate Middleton gave birth four days earlier, plenty of punters saw the perfect opportunity to make some extra cash by placing a bet on the baby's name. Did the bookies get it right? Here's what we know

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