Stupid grindcore band names

2019-08-23 14:23

Quite often, I find myself stumbling across bands whose names I consider to be daft, dreadful, idiotic, lame, or just downright stupid. Here's a list of some of them. Read on and wonder who in their right minds would call their band [ithat[i? I'd be embarrassed to admit to being a fanatic of one of these bands.But thats all the more reason to love Puig Destroyer. Heres a bunch of guys who took one stupid pun and a love of the worlds most boring game and created the greatest grindcore band sincewell, since Pig Destroyer, the band whose name theyre riffing on. stupid grindcore band names

THE TOP 20 WORST OVERLONG RIDICULOUS BAND NAMES ARE: 20. Monkeys Are Machine Guns. The sideproject (another one) from Anaal Nathrakhs Mick Kenney and two of Combichrist are brilliant, and have some superb song titles (Im Not Racist, I Just Hate A

Top 50 worst band names ever or most outrageous, or just plain stupid 1. Abrted Hitler Cck Described as a goregrind band; based in London and apparently still active; 2. Anal Blast Here are some grindcore bands that took shit to the next level of nonsense. Youre welcome. Puig Destroyer. Formed by members of Kowloon Walled City, Curl Up& Die, and Thrice, Puig Destroyer is a baseball themed grindcore band. The name is a mix of the baseball player Yaisel Puig, and the grindcore band Pig Destroyer.stupid grindcore band names This is a list of grindcore bands, including bands that perform grindcore fusion genres.

Apr 12, 2013  But if youre starting a goregrind band for really real, I dont think you should feel limited at all. Really, any two to four of these words combined in almost any order would probably make a swell name for a goregrind outfit. stupid grindcore band names funny band names archives: Bands can have some pretty funny names. Every week, we showcase one of these names on our front page. These are the archives. Fallopian Breakdance An aptlynamed grindcoremetal band. Fuck (How inevitable was this? Ed) OOIOO A japanese band led by the percussionist of the Boredoms Gutrot were and apparently are again a grindcoredeath metal sideproject dreamt up by members of Mulch, who clearly thought their usual band had a waytooappetising name. Click or tap to Friday Top 10: Worst grindcore band names. November 4, 2011 Leave a comment 55, Anal Cunt, Kinda funny in an ironic way. Kinda. This grindcore band gets the seventh place. # 6: General Surgery. General Surgery Aterial Spray Obsession. Seriously? Is that all they could come up with? Sounds like a name of an ER type TV show. The CMEs have never gone on tour, and admit that they record under fake names, which has led to a lot of speculation that the whole thing is a giant hoax staged by one of the other goregrind bands. But in a 2006 interview with MTV, head Examiner Dr. Morton Fairbanks insisted that the whole thing is for real.

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