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May 05, 2008  Finding the secret Networker known as YouKnowWho isn't required to get to Rank 5, but it does help you get Orange LEGO Bricks quicker with the Gated Garden Module. I'm not going to reveal his name here for those of you who want the satisfaction of discovering it for yourselves.Follow the P. O. S. Walkthrough to reveal a secret Networker and a faster way to build Orange LEGO Bricks. Rank 6 Follow the Rank 6 Walkthrough to find a secret Networker required to complete Rank 6. my lego network secret networkers names

This blog is for keeping people up to date on Additions to My LEGO Network such as new networkers, badges, and even ranks (eventually). As well as updates to LEGO Universe and LEGO. com in general. There is a new networker at My LEGO Network. But we actually dont know the name yet. Please help us to find the networker's name. This networker

A Secret Networker is a Networker that does not appear on the master My LEGO Network Networker list and like Networkers a Secret Networker is also an This page is about secret Networkers, and therefore has a lot of hidden information. My LEGO Network was a mix between a social network and a game, made in Flash and accessed via web browser. It was around from 2008 to 2015, when it was shut down, like many other LEGO games before it. This means that we dont have data about networkers names, their pages, their networker friends, the requirements to be their friendmy lego network secret networkers names Below is a list of all the known, publicly viewable Networkers in My LEGO Network. Networkers that aren't known, and can only been found by typing their name in the Public Search box or using one's own friend list, are Secret Networkers.

My Lego Network Cheats, Codes, Action Replay Codes for PC. Best archive of My Lego Network cheats, cheats codes, hints, secrets, action replay codes, walkthroughs and guides SeCret networkers. by XxHayabusa102xX Nov 29, P. S. If you want to add me, My name is angadwater Tag it! 0. 0 comments Add to cheatbook Abuse. More my lego network secret networkers names Nov 17, 2008 What are the secret networkers in My Lego Network (MLN)? I've already got the following ones: Prof. Brickkeeper, Max, Capt. Reynolds and Old Capt. Joe aren't secret networkers anymore. Update 2: And the Prof. REALLY isn't secret he was promoted on the MLN homepage a few months ago, and Bob Skull's name you get from Capt The My LEGO Network is a safe online play environment for kids. . My LEGO Network is an allnew interactive online experience for LEGO fans. Who knows. It might be echo for all we now. lol. Here are the different types of secret networkers: 1. Hidden Networkers that are part of the My LEGO Network game play. You can find and friend them only after you get higher in the Ranks. As you work through the levels, the first hidden networker you will encounter is Youknowwho .

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