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Help Us Name The Greatest Video Game Cat. The fighting games featuring anthropomorphic animals included a lion rock star (Prince Leon of Kenya), a cheetah (Tai Cheetah), a panther (Panthra) and a hyperactive cat (brilliantly named Psycho Kitty).Apr 17, 2011 Interplanetary Ninja Assassin! ! ! or Caboose, Donut, Grif, Tucker lol, i like Tucker as a cat name lol i like rvb. Ezio is a good suggestion. KotOR: Meatbag! xD think Spartan names: Kelly, Jun, Jorge, Kat (lol), Carter, John, Kurt, Linda etc. Pillar of Autumn lol that'd be awesome! go Mass Effect perhaps: Garrus, Tali, Wrex, cat video game names

Space Names for Cats Neptune. Nova. Orion. Phoenix. Pluto. Quasar. Saturn. Sirius. Sky. Sputnik. Star. Stella. Titus. Triton. Venus. Virgo. Zeta.

Feb 09, 2016  Here are some of the feistiest feline video game characters in the game! There are many cat characters in comics, on TV, in movies, and yes video games too! While there are tons of characters out there, I picked some of the most memorable for their own reason. The# 1 Site for Fun Games About Cats. Meet The Invincible DiscoCat! In this funny, sidescrolling action game you control a powerful, happy video game names Nov 13, 2007 Pets named after game characters. My cat is called Leon S Kennedy and I'm getting a dog who I shall name Mundus (from DMC). I also have a pond with several Koi and Goldfish who are named after Tekken characters. My favourite one being Devil Jin, the giant Koi. Just kidding. I have a cat called Tigger and I'm getting a dog who shall be called Chewbacca.

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