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Sep 04, 2014  Todays grandparents are taking on hipper names. My moms hot and she didnt want to be called Grandma, Paltrow told The Times. So she kept trying to make the Woof thing stick. Its even her email address. In the end, Apple and Moses called their grandmother Lalo.Choosing your grandparent name you know, the one you want your grandkids to call you can be almost as challenging as it was to select your own kids names. Coauthors Lin Wellford and Skye Pifers book, The New Grandparents Name List, a Lighthearted Guide to Picking the Perfect Grandparent Name, could help ease the process. cool alternative grandma names

If you're looking for an alternative to the word Grandma , this list includes 57 other names for your grand babies to call you! I got a ton of fun responses so I decided to make a big ol list of grandmother names. (See the original facebook thread here. ) 17 Other Names for Grandma For tons more international Grandma names, check out

70 Cute Grandma Names. Being a parent is a thing of joy, then advancing to become a grandparent is filled with so much joy and happiness, its the dream of every parent to see their grandchildren in their life time. Cute Grandma Names Alternative Names For Grandma Cool Superhero Names For Guys, Girls and Teams. 70 Funny If you were raised in the South, chances are there isn't a nickname for grandma that you haven't heard. If you have a favorite that we've missed, send a note by tagging us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and we'll consider adding it to our alternative grandma names The formal names for grandparents in French are grandmre and grandpre, but these shortened versions are easy enough to pronounce in any language. 20. Lolly& Pop. For grandparents with a sense of humor, pairing the commonly used term pop with lolly is a clever combination.

The adoption of a cool grandmother name is something of a trend among baby boomer grandparents. The following are just a few of the names they have adopted. Abba. Amma. Babe. Bamba or Bama. BeBe. Bella or Belle. cool alternative grandma names Jun 30, 2015  One thing about grandparents is that there is no right or wrong name to call them by. While many people stick with the traditional grandma and grandpa, there are many other nicknames for grandma and grandpa out there. Traditional names for grandma. Nonni (likely from a shortening of the Italian nonnina, which means little grandmother ) Paltrow revealed that her mother wanted to be called Wolf, but the nickname Lalo stuck instead. Susan Sarandon: Honey. Goldie Hawn: GoGo or Glamma. Laura Bush: Mimi Maxwell. Rita Wilson: Yia Yia. Kris Jenner: Lovey. Nancy Pelosi: Grandma Mimi. Martha Stewart: Martha. Debbie Reynolds: Aba They're Mom and Dad to you, but as soon as you become a new parent, Grandma and Grandpa are born! But with that comes one big decision: what shou

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