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Mother's Side: Hazrat Imam Hussain ( ) Son of Hazrat Fatimah ( ) Daughter of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad ( ) Son of Abdullah Son of Abdul Muttalib Shibah Son of Hashim Amr Son of Abdul Munaaf AlMugheera Son of Qusayy QasiImam Hussain a. s have novel character and sharing Deep wisdom and knowledge every aspect of life; Imam Hussain a. s has a great leader for all universe and fully control all things in universe. Imam Hussain has given success all universe and humiliated terrorism in universe. ( It's Very minimum information about imam Hussain a. s ) imam hussain mother name

While Ghazalah or Barrah was the name of another maid of Imam Husayn (a. s. ), who reared him (Imam Zainul Abedeen). Imam addressed her as his mother, and it is narrated that his mother (Shahrbanu) died during childbirth, while another maid of his father brought him up.

Imam Hussainwas second son of Fatima (SA) and Ali bin abi Talib (AS). Hussain (AS) was born on 3rd Shabaan, 4th year of Hijri ( AD). Holy Prophet was given the news of the birth of his Saknah (Mother: Shahr Banu) and that Hussain is of me and I am of him. Allah loves those who love Hussain. Hussain is a grandson among grandsons. Sunni historians, except Tabari who do not name the participants, mention Muhammad, Fatimah, AlHasan and AlHusayn as the participants,imam hussain mother name His mother would recite famous lines of poetry in supplication to ward off the evil of those who envied him. another son of Abbas ibn Ali whose name has been mentioned among the martyrs Abbas was the king of chivalry and the most loyal companion to his half brother Hussain. Abbas ibn Ali is also known asQamar Banu Hashim, meaning the

Family tree of Ali. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This Wife: Umm ulBanin which means mother of many sons, her real name was Fatimah bint Hizam alQilabiyyah Son: AlAbbas ibn Ali died at the Battle of Karbala, Fatima bint alHussain'lAthram bin alHasan bin Ali imam hussain mother name

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