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Oil field roughnecks. Driller: The head of an individual crew, responsible for controlling a rig's machinery during drilling, as well as most other rig operations. Derrickhand (derrickman): Responsible for the drilling mud, the mud pits where drilling fluids are circulated around the system, and the mud pumps,The nickname most likely originated in a namecalling feud between the cable tool drillers and the rotary drillers. It is said that the cable tool drillers first began to call the rotary drillers swivel necks to show their scorn for the new methods of drilling. Resenting the insult that had been cast at their work, oil rig workers nickname

WeldersMechanics. The equipment on offshore oil platforms requires constant maintenance. The maintenance staff for offshore rigs is largely composed of mechanics and welders, some of whom are divers who have been specially trained to perform a variety of tasks underwater. A larger oil platform might have more than a dozen maintenance staff,

Job Requirements. Some shallow water oil rigs close to the shore hire inexperienced workers on a temporary basis as needed when production activities are high. You earn a day rate to do physical tasks on the rig. This is a good way to gain experience on a rig and make contacts with people in the industry. Ginzel: Slang term for a worker of the lowest rank , often a rookie with no oilfield experience whatsoever. Hanger: Refers to several different tools. The casing hanger is the portion of a wellhead assembly which provides support for the casing string when it is lowered into the wellbore.oil rig workers nickname Workers travel to the oil rig from the camp site in a crew truck. Generally, workers work for fourteen days straight with one to three weeks off. Because of the long hours aboard an oil rig, companies must give their employees enough time to rest up.

In addition, oil rig workers have to deal with bad weather conditions, dangerous machinery, and working at great heights. According to CNN Money, an oil rig worker has one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. In fact, 4, 340 people died on oil rigs in 2008, which was actually a drop in numbers. oil rig workers nickname A rig is the machinery used to drill for oil, either onshore or off, including the derrick framework and the drill itself. A variety of workers, from leaders and planners to manual laborers, are needed on a rig to ensure smooth, safe operation and the extraction of valuable oil from the earth. How can the answer be improved?

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